Amazing New Stress Relief Exercise!



Amazing New Stress Relief Exercise!

Had to share this amazing new stress relief exercise with you, because it is giving me major relief from subconscious stress.

It is helping me process all of the ups and downs of my Mom’s cancer journey over the past few weeks.

I discovered it one morning, while trying to release a tight jaw. It’s a great exercise if you’ve-

  • Got a stress headache?
  • TMJ?

And, it can help you handle any fears you may be having about anything in your life. In last week’s blog, I mentioned self doubt and fears surrounding making the right decisions.

As you do this exercise, remind yourself of just how resilient you are. You have effectively handled so much in your life. As you calm down and process your emotions, you are grounding yourself in your power and strength.

This exercise relaxes the fight, flight or freeze reaction via sedation of your Triple Warmer Meridian and helps your body assimilate change better by strengthening the Spleen Meridian.

So, use it, knowing:

You are stronger then you think, more powerful then you know, and more capable then you can remember right now.

Much peace and relaxation,


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  1. Amazing how relaxed I got. Just watched Terri Cole who sent me over to you. Thank you.

    1. So happy this could help you! xx Lara

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