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I love reading books and articles about the habits of successful people; it’s inspiring.

The people’s books to whom I have been most attracted of late, Tim Ferris, Jonathan Fields, Marie Forleo, have expanded the traditional definition of success. It’s no longer just about having money, it’s also about creating an impact on society, maintaining a great life work balance and having time to grow personally as well as professionally. It’s about working smarter, not harder and reaching more people with the benefits of your work or product.

I have always wanted to have money, because it provides freedom, but it was never been my main motivator. My mother taught me to-

“Do what you love, and you will love doing it and love working hard at it.”

I was taught, “Work hard, and it will pay off.”

The first part of this, I found to be true. I LOVE what I do; it doesn’t feel like work. The second part of this statement, I have learned isn’t as productive as it once seemed. True success is finding ways to duplicate our talent and effort, so we don’t have to work so hard, we can have time to focus on our own growth and give back to society.

This past weekend, it was so much fun to present Strategies for Simplifying Success with my buddy Terri Cole at Shalini Vadhera Potts, Power Up in LA. We both shared our tips for making success easier and more fulfilling. Terri spoke about having a clear vision of what you want, and some of the blueprints from our childhood that can stop us from having that vision become our reality. While I spoke about how to take that vision of success and support it with action steps that actually satisfy you.

In the meantime, start thinking about what you want in your life. Give yourself time to ponder it daily, and think about:

  • How will feel having what you want?
  • What can you do right now in your life that makes you feel the same way?

For example, my vision makes me feel a sense of satisfaction.
Working out also provides me with a sense of self-satisfaction.
Drinking my green smoothie every morning also satisfies me.
And, taking 15 minutes at the end of my day to play with my dog brings me satisfaction and joy!

The secret to making The Law of Attraction Work for you is knowing that The Law of Attraction works with your energetic vibration, NOT your words. So, for it to work, you must FEEL the feelings associated with HAVING the thing you desire. It is never enough to simply say what you want consciously; you must feel it is possible with every ounce of your being.

So, how does you vision feel?

And, what are 3 simple things you can do or already do to help you feel that feeling?

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Published in Forbes 1/17/2013, based on the interviews of 36 star performers in various fields, Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield pinpointed

How To Be A Super-Achiever: The 10 Qualities That Matter.

These 2 qualities were among the 10.

Dedication To A Vision – Glossy magazine success stories often don’t show the dark moments, the daily grind or flagging energy that super-achievers endure to realize their goals. However, that dedication is essential to their success.

Pursuing Happiness-Success fuels happiness, and happiness in turn fuels greater success.


The exercise above not only helps you stay focused on your vision, but it also helps you pursue happiness simultaneously, and as we mentioned previously, happiness is an integral part of the new vision of success!

In the next blog, I am going to share more about Terri’s portion of our presentation to help you shine some light on what childhood situations may be stopping you from having the success you deserve.

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This year, I am doing it with you, and providing energetic support, so you can stay ahead of any emotional resistance you may have to doing Marie’s program. Because, if you do what she says, you WILL get results; the only thing that will stop you is your resistance in the form of ‘not having enough time’ or whatever, so we are going to do this together, clear any blocks to action as they come up, and rock out our Visions! You will get private, one-on-one coaching from me, the Vision Board Program I was telling you about, and more!

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So much love and success!


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