How to celebrate your highs and lows from last year because both are worthwhile!


How to celebrate your highs and lows from last year because both are worthwhile!

Before you go making resolutions for this year, take some time, preferably with friends or family, to answer the questions below together.

I plan to make this my dinner conversation tonight!

Celebrating our highs and sharing and laughing about our lows with people who love us is an amazing way to review the year and acknowledge just how much we have grown!

This list of questions is from a Women on Fire Coaching Session last year with its creator Debbie Phillips and her husband Rob. Both of them are amazing executive coaches from whom I have learned a lot!

I will be sending some tips on how to make achievable goals in 2015 tomorrow, but just answer these questions with your pals tonight!

If you have decided to stay in and have a rejuvenating night with yourself, answer them on your own, then share them with a friend tomorrow.

Review of 2014:

  1. What was remarkable about the year?
  2. Who came into my life this year?
  3. Who left it? Who may have re-emerged?
  4. What were my best accomplishments/achievements?
  5. Favorite times/moments?
  6. Biggest disappointment?
  7. Best surprise?
  8. When I look back on the year, I could never have imagined…
  9. What was the single most significant event of the year?
  10. How do I want next year to be different?

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