How to Access Your Angels Now


There is a key moment when you have done all there is to do at the end of the day, when the most effective thing you can do next is to give the outcome up to a power greater then yourself, whether that is God, Allah, or The Universe.

I find most of my clients, despite their religious beliefs, to be open to experiencing angels.

Angels are messengers and move among us. I learned this from a book called, Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne, In fact, after reading it, I had some significant experiences in which I felt angels physically in my life. I loved this book, read it while on a vacation and couldn’t stop taking about it when I got home. And, I realized, every time I spoke about it, I would feel some weird physical sign, like a tingling or a chill up my spine or across the back of my head (Angels in My Hair!) Once it literally felt like someone was holding my arm, as I worked on a client. I had to actually look to see if anyone was there. because the feeling was so strong.

If any of you reading this think this sounds weird, don’t worry, I did too at the time. But, I have come to find amazing comfort, grace and real aide from angels when I ask for help. They actually find me taxis 95% of the time I ask. LOL!

Listen to Calling in the Angels Meditation

There is so much love and magic for you here. Once you decide what you want, let go of what’s in your way from the past, and take the action to get it, the next step is having faith it can happen.

My best results have come after I have given my worry up to the angels, and asked them to help to make the best outcome possible.

The Force is with you. Just ask the angles to help you access it:)
Much love and magic,


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