Stop worry with wonder now!



Stop worry with wonder now!

contemplate Tis the season for overwhelm and worry.

If you find yourself thinking “How am I going to get it all done?”

Or, you just can’t stop your brain from over-functioning with multitasking, I invite you to-

  • Substitute wonder for worry
  • Disarm your overwhelm with a little curiosity
  • Ponder what to do verses think or stress about it
  • Muse on how you would feel most satisfied doing whatever you are doing this year

And, when you are asked to DO anything, give yourself at least 24 hours to

“Chew it over”
“Let it marinate”

I am such a Foodie; I love these expressions. Giving yourself just a little more time to make decisions could mean the difference between doing something you want to do or suffering through something you don’t. When you squeeze in too much, even things you enjoy can feel like burdens. So, take time to decide, and savor your time this holiday season with this tip and the previous shift in thinking.

No holiday dilemma is life threatening, but it sometimes feels that way, so calm yourself down by taking a little more time to decide and by adding in a little more curiosity 🙂

After “letting go” of a lot during last week’s #MagicNow exercises, I have been questioning myself, feeling a bit overwhelmed by all I want to do, and feeling stressed by the question of, “What’s next?”

I am very excited to do this week’s exercise in the challenge, the Feelization Meditation, to help myself get clear on what I want next. We will have 7 chances to authentically visualize and feel what we want! If you haven’t already joined the challenge, click to this page to sign up for the last two weeks!

Grateful for this work, this challenge and you guys.

Much love,


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