Are you doing what matters?



Are you doing what matters?

What matters is not necessarily what you feel you “should” be doing. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably doesn’t matter. Here’s a great example:

In my Believe Bootcamp Program we have filled out “Needs Charts.” These charts contain activities which make their owners feel the same feelings their vision board elicits. The goal is to do a number of things each day which get you feeling the feelings of having your vision come true. Feeling the feelings associated with having your vision come true is a great way to “feel” into having it and to get your body and your central nervous system comfortable having it.

One of the gals in the class is an amazing manifestor of money, but not such a good manager of it. No matter how much she attracts, it isn’t enough. And, her needs chart had a few activities that she thought would make her feel more empowered about money. However, she was not excited about doing them; they actually brought up anxiety for her. One of them was looking at her bank account balances daily. It’s an obvious step to take if you want to start paying closer attention to your money; however, it was causing fear not inspiration.

So, it just wasn’t right.

When we did our class on money, we discovered her beliefs about money were those of a spender or giver. She used money to better herself and rationalized spending, despite her large credit card debt thinking,
“I am worth it.”
“It is for learning.”
“I wanted to treat; they do so much for me.”

All of these reasons are great, and in the moment why not? But, was spending in this way making her feel worthy or empowered long term? No, it was an attempt to fill a deeper hole, which can’t be filled with cash.

So, I gave her a blank “needs chart” and told her to put only one thing on it, which I believed would be the activity which mattered most.

She was to give 3-5 hugs a day.

Feeling unloved was at the bottom of this hole, she had been spending money to fill. And, the ironic thing is that this gal is loved by so many. When she walks into the room, everyone is excited to see her, so this feeling of feeling unloved was just a subconscious belief and not really true. Yet, it perpetuated over-spending and created a never ending circle of shame. When she spent money for the above reasons and found herself unable to pay her bills, she felt terrible about herself.

Since giving her hugs daily, she has been able to take a look at her money and formulate a plan to get out of debt, which is a huge breakthrough for her.

What we resist persists.

Love begets love.

It is in giving what we need that we receive it!

Giving hugs and receiving hugs/giving and receiving love daily is helping her feel the love she has in her life, and filling that previously bottomless hole.

Hugs were what mattered. They were what she needed to feel more empowered about managing her money.

If you want to do something that energetically matters, make it something that furthers your goal AND makes you feel good, inspired or loved.

And, if you are stuck and not sure what to do, you are welcome to come to my Tap Into Passion Workshop this weekend.

We will be looking at what old beliefs could be keeping you from living your dreams. Whether it’s making and having more money, finding your love or just living a more fulfilled life, we will discover what beliefs could be stopping you. Most of you know my story, how I was surprised by what was keeping me from meeting my husband. Once I upgraded that belief, I met him 3 months later! Free your mind, and the rest follows!

We will also be doing fun and easy interactive exercises that will help you get to the essence of your passion. So, it will be easy to access your “why” when you are challenged.

Have a physical experience you can duplicate when times are tough that gets you in touch with:

  • What turns you on!
  • What lights you up!
  • What connects you to your self-worth and self-power!

The fastest way to match the vibrational level of what you want and to harness The Law of Attraction is for you to feel the feelings associated with already having it!

Register for this one-day BELIEVE BOOTCAMP: Tap Into Your Passion Workshop!

This is the last workshop this year:
Date: Saturday, November 1st

Time: 10:30 am-6:00 pm

Location: The Lara Touch Studio 170 E. 61st St 2nd Floor, New York, NY

If so, hop over to this workshop page to get your ticket.


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