Last week was rough – mercury retrograde shadow



Last week was rough

Last week was rough and tough for a lot of people, including me.

While Mercury went direct on the 25th (Mercury was in retrograde Oct 4-25, 2014), we will be experiencing mercury’s shadow till Nov 10th.

Some of these retrogrades seem to have a greater affect then others. When my clients come in with common symptoms and complaints with common energetic imbalances being the cause, I tend to think there is an environmental or astrological cause.

This past week, many came in complaining they were physically:

  • fatigued and drained
  • unable to get to sleep or sleep through the night

Many came in complaining of:

  • emotional upsets caused from miscommunications
  • general depression or anxiety
  • feeling stuck and unable to move any project forward

About 90% of the people I saw had their energetic electric systems out of balance. My teacher, Donna Eden, the creator of Eden Energy Medicine, which is the primary energy healing system I use, explains the Electrics as being “a system which emerges from the electrical dimension of the other energy systems, which would include the meridians and the chakras. They are not independent of each system, but an aspect of each system much the way liquid is separate yet a part of your organs. The Electrics serve as a bridge that connects all the energy systems at a basic level;” They connect and coordinate the function and output of all of the other energy systems.

From what I have seen in my practice, the shift into mercury retrograde and the shift out of it have effected an uncanny amount of people’s Electrics.

So, if you have experienced any of the physical or emotional symptoms above, please try the video below for the next few days to help your body adjust to this shift.

If you have felt any of the emotional affects mentioned above, please also do this and in addition, please think about

  • how any of the upsetting events that have occurred in the last week may be able to teach you something, or help you realize what changes you could make to prevent these events in the future or simply make your life easier.
  • what changes you have made already, and if you are beginning to see the results of those changes in your life, could you be having a stress response to this change? Even when we want to change something, when we do, it can create such a lifestyle change, that it may feel unnerving.

Two of my clients had small business disasters occur last week, which taught great lessons about how more clear communication via written contracts could protect and alleviate future mishaps.

I myself was battling depression and anxiety last week, and I was surprised by the cause, when I finally figured it out. Aug, Sept and Oct were extremely hectic and packed months, as I was traveling to teach and to take part in two workshops, while seeing my normal schedule of clients. This past week, I was back in the office full time, and I had some extra time to get other office things accomplished. I have been wanting to clear time in my schedule to start some new projects and to organize, but when I had it, my central nervous system really didn’t respond well to the change. I think my body got addicted to the adrenaline rush from all the over-functioning I had been doing, so when I slowed down, and I had extra time, my old anxiety and fears of lack came back. I did the exercise above to get my central nervous system more comfortable with having my new found and much needed quiet time, and it alleviated my depression and anxiety, but it took a few days before I figured out why I was feeling so out of sorts.

I hope this saves you some angst, time, energy and sleep!

Mercury in retrograde can be totally upsetting and annoying, but it usually helps us change.

While change is the only constant in our lives, it really is stressful when we do it quickly. Be careful what you wish for, right? Or, at least just try to be gentle with yourself and nurture yourself through it, K?

If your up to making big changes in your life, and would like to speed it up and support yourself through the process, I am beginning a new Believe Boot Camp 11/11, and I have 2 spots left.

The syllabus includes

  • teaching you how to test yourself to find what essential oil or exercise you need to make yourself feel better
  • family constellation healing (a process which heals the connection between you and your parents and ancestors)
  • healing any unhelpful beliefs you have about money, love or spirituality

It’s all experiential and designed to help you become self sufficient with these tools. The results my current class has gotten have included It’s all experiential and designed to help you become self sufficient with these tools. The results my current class has gotten have included

  • Finding love- 3 people in class are in new relationships
  • New jobs, and the start of a successful new business
  • Greater happiness
  • More fulfilling family relationships

These are the same tools I used to attract my husband, open my dream studio and dramatically increase my revenue.

It would be my honor to help you get what you want sooner then later, click to the link below to learn more about the program.
If you have questions, I am happy to schedule a call with you.

Much love, peace and success,


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  1. Thanks Lara, I find this exercise really soothing!! Creating safety with feeling feelings.

    1. So glad you enjoy it!

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