Can’t sleep? Your electric system may need a Re-boot


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Can’t sleep?

You are not alone. An uncanny amount of my clients have been coming in complaining of insomnia, mostly between 3-5am. And, almost everyone I have been seeing in my private practice has had frozen energies and needed a re-boot of their electric system.

My teacher, Donna Eden, the creator of Eden Energy Medicine, which is the primary energy healing system I use, explains the Electrics as being “a system which emerges from the electrical dimension of the other energy systems, which would include the meridians and the chakras. They are not independent of each system, but an aspect of each system much the way liquid is separate yet a part of your organs. The Electrics serve as a bridge that connects all the energy systems at a basic level;” They connect and coordinate the function and output of all of the other energy systems.

In my mind, the Electrics appear to be like the fuses of our body’s electrical wiring system. The same way fuses in our homes or apartments can get blown, so can the Electrical Switches in our bodies. When I hold these points in a session, it resets them, like flipping the fuse switch back on in your fuse box.

What blows these switches? This is my guess based on what I frequently see in my practice-

  • intense abrupt environmental changes, like storms, barometric pressure changes, major astrological shifts
  • intense emotional stress like an abrupt or chronic life altering event-the death of a loved one, divorce, a home move, loss of a job, a physical assault or accident to name a few

In the past 2 weeks, we have been experiencing the seasonal switch into Fall, the effects of Mercury going retrograde, a new and full moon, and, in NYC, a batch of rain storms and the barometric pressure shifts which accompanied them. I believe the onslaught of all of these environmental changes to be the cause of the electrical disturbances I am seeing in my clients’ bodies.

Don’t worry, they have felt better and started sleeping through the night after our Electric-centric sessions.

So, if you have been experiencing insomnia or just feeling “off” over the past two weeks, try the exercises in the video below before you go to sleep for 3-5 days, and let me know how it helps.

If your insomnia persists, you may need a full session. To reset the main Electrics, it takes approximately 40 minutes, but try this first, and let me know how it goes.

Much love, energy and peace,


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  1. Loved it. So great to find techniques to use out in public

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      So glad you liked it! And yes, you can use your energy superpowers everywhere!

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