Bloated, Constipated or Feeling Depleted?



Bloated, Constipated or Feeling Depleted?

As I have been telling you, it’s Fall, the Metal Season, and the Metal Element in The Chinese Acupuncture System relates to the lungs and large intestine meridians. In my last blog, I shared the emotions associated with the lungs, grief and inspiration, and with the large intestine, letting go and taking in. Today, I would like to provide some help with balancing the physical functions of these meridians and organs. So many of my clients have been coming in with colds, coughs, allergies, headaches and constipation:( ‘Tis the season!

I recently shot some videos for a friend’s detox program, and I would like to give you all access to them, so you can benefit from these exercises as well

Below are my favorite, super quick, easy and mucho effective exercises to–

  • Boost your energy
  • Help move tiring toxins out of your body
  • Alleviate any emotional stress, pressure or resistance you have about detoxing

Please do these 3 exercises daily; they All take UNDER 3 minutes to do, and give you a big bang for your this small time investment!

To increase your energy:
Do the Quick Energy Booster- Once you learn this exercise, you can do it all day long to bring energy to your immune system and to stimulate your Kidney, Liver, and Spleen Meridians, which are the Meridians most taxed by our environments, toxins and stress. Definitely start your day with this one. Lots of my clients actually do it in the shower, LOL. Then, do it throughout your day for a boost of energy anytime you need it!!

To detox before you retox:
Do the Lymph Detox Massage in the afternoon between 3-5pm to get that afternoon pick-me-up with this exercise versus a chemical stimulant, like coffee. This lymph massage will help move toxins, like pesticides and chemical preservatives, out of your system, so your body doesn’t have to waste your precious energy processing them.

To drop into this Chill Pill:
Do this Stress Relief Pose at night for 3-5 minutes when you get into bed. This pose helps calm your body’s reaction to stress by sending the message to your body to move into a parasympathetic nervous system response, a restive state verses a stress state, so you can have a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Join me for Lisa Consiglio Ryan’s 10-Day Fall Renewal Detox

After a fun summer filled with yummy indulgences, I am ready to shed some pounds, slim down and get back into a healthy routine, so I have joined this 10-Day Fall Detox!

If you are interested in getting some support while you clean out your system and re-commit to healthy eating habits, you can sign up here!

Lisa is amazing, and she makes this both easy AND pleasurable, just check out this page-

[button link=”″]Join the 10-Day Fall Renewal Detox[/button]

We start Monday! Sorry for the last minute notice; Mercury in Retrograde caused some technical glitches this week.

Much health and energy!!!!!


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