Let it go already! It’s time to Transition.


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It’s time to let it go. It’s time to Transition.

Ever wish you could just let go of a feeling or worry you just can’t seem to shake?

Tis the season and the holiday to let it go already. The time is right.

I have talked about this already this season, how the leaves are turning beautiful colors, as they die and fall off the trees, how nature is letting go of the abundance of the past year in a grand and final display of color, and how the Chinese Element interpretation of this seasonal transition can teach us how to let go of what no longer serves us in our lives and connect us to what is important.

I am feeling the need to mention this again, as we just entered another period of Mercury in retrograde (Oct 4-Oct 25, 2014!

From How to Survive Mercury in Retrograde by Donna Henes, Huffington Post Posted: 10/04/2014 6:03 pm EDT
“Mercury, as most of us know, tends to play havoc with the smooth functioning of the technology upon which we depend for our achievements and communication. It also tends to mix up face-to-face communications and the best laid plans of wo/men.

Now is the time that we must surrender our forward-leaning push and embrace the lessons of letting go. We must not underestimate the degree to which our psyche can resist change. The abdication of our will/ego to a deeper function of consciousness can be quite a challenge as the retrograde cycle continues. But there is great reward if we manage to do so.

This period is a perfect time to clear our minds. To go back and complete unfinished projects. To work on reconciling old issues. To tune into our dreams and unconscious thoughts. To listen to our inner wisdom. To open to new ways of thinking and perceiving.”

So, we can get into synchronicity with this seasonal and astrological shift, or we can resist it, and rely on old patterns, which may or may not be serving our new desires for growth.

Aren’t you ready to let go of what’s no longer serving you?

When you have a Mercury Retrograde moment, and you are completely frustrated by a scheduling snafu, what’s really driving your upset? Is there a belief that, life is too hard in there? Or, maybe you just can’t get ahead?

It’s really hard to move forward, when some of these negative beliefs surface if unexpected events occur to derail our plans.

In autumn and when Mercury is in Retrograde, we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, perhaps, than in any other season,
if we pay attention!

This seasonal transition can teach us how to let go, effectively grieve and harness the power of faith. In the Chinese Meridian System, this season is associated with the Metal Element. And, it relates to the lungs and large intestine meridians. The emotions associated with the lungs are grief and inspiration. The emotions associated with the large intestine are letting go and taking in.

The Lung and Large Intestine work together as a team, one taking in the pure, the other eliminating waste. If these organs failed to do their jobs, imagine what might result – certainly we might experience physical ailments of the Lung and Colon such as colds, cough, allergies, constipation or diarrhea, but what happens to our mind and spirit, if waste keeps building up? Instead of inspiration and possibility, we feel depression and negativity because we are holding on to expectations or old beliefs.

We have all had days, where we have seen the dark side of everything, all the things that could go wrong. No one chooses to act that way. It’s a reaction we often can’t control. Of course, we would not choose to act and feel that way any more than we would choose to have constipation – but in a state of metal imbalance, that is how we can be.

So, during this seasonal transition, and while Mercury is in retrograde, notice your upsets, and see if you can let them go. Use my Easiest Stress Relief Exercise, video below, to override your stress response when things go wrong, then do what you can, and give your worry over to God or the Universe. Let go of your worry, and start having some faith.

Here are two short videos to help you literally Tap Into Your Faith, and better handle this seasonal transition.

Thank you all for your feedback about workshop content. Your answers were totally in alignment with this seasonal conversation.

One of you pointed out that, “I see so many people living in NYC struggling, surviving and living from a place of scarcity. But, I also know the flip side is abundance! And, so many people are thriving too! I want to be one of them.”

I want you all to be one of those thrivers!

So, this weekend (Oct 11, 2014) I will be doing a full day workshop in which we will be looking at:

  • What beliefs from your past make you procrastinate?
  • What beliefs keep you in a rut?
  • What beliefs stop you from feeling fulfilled and being in flow?
  • What blocks you from keeping faith in your dreams?


And, as always, we will CLEAR THEM, release them physically from our bodies with exercises, which calm a fight or fight reactions. Then we will upgrade those beliefs to more positive ones, so you can feel comfortable, touched, and turned on by living your passions!

For those of you who want to turn your passion into a money making career, we will be looking at your beliefs about money as well to make sure you don’t have a martyr belief system about receiving money for doing something you love. More on this in class; I could write a paper about this subject alone, LOL!

We will also be doing a deep dive into:

    • What turns you on?
    • Lights you up?
    • What taps you in to your passion, self worth and your self power?


We will be doing some interactive exercises, which help you get to the essence of your passions. So, it will be easy to access your “why” when you are being challenged.

Just as metals give value to the earth (gold and silver, minerals and trace elements), the Metal element within us gives our sense of self-worth. Each of us has a unique and priceless contribution to make to the world, which is fueled by our unique passions. When our metal energy is out of balance, it’s harder to get in touch with that passion and our value, so we compensate by seeking what we think will add to our worth: status, money, power, conquest – none of them bad or wrong of themselves, although our pursuit of them can be a symptom.

Pursuing what we love, what connects us to our soul on a daily basis in small ways every day, raises our vibration, and helps us attract circumstances of a similar vibration. Remember, The Law of Attraction works with feelings not words.

So, if you feel constipated in your life or feel like you could just use some life enhancement, come uncover what inspires you, learn how to tap into it daily, and clear away whatever beliefs have a tendency to block you from allowing your passion to manifest for you.

Hop over to the Class Page to get your ticket.

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I’m psyched to share this day with you. =)



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