How to protect yourself from negative energy



How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

  • Ever been around someone who makes you feel bad, drained or tired?
  • Ever felt jarred after having witnessed a disturbing exchange between other people?
  • Ever have trouble getting someone’s passive aggressive comment out of your head?

Do you feel “off” after talking on a cell phone, going through the security scanners at the airport, flying on a plane or if their is a huge storm front rolling through?

If you said yes to any of the above, or if you find yourself affected by other people’s demeanor, moods or other negative energy, you might be pleasantly surprised by just how much your quality of life could improve by doing 2 super simple exercises.

Several times over the past few weeks, I have been reminded of the amazing effects of 2 basic exercises I learned when I first became a user of Energy Medicine.

I use Donna Eden’s Zip Up and Auric Weaving exercises daily. I found them to be an integral part of the 7 minute routine I used to overcome chronic fatigue; they enable me to work with lots of people with lots of problems without taking on their energies; they have enabled me to fly without getting foggy headed, and they have cured my barometric pressure change headaches.

We can’t always control our environment, who stands next to us on a checkout line or who shows up at a family holiday party or what they choose to say to us or others at that party, LOL! But, we can make sure our protective energetic field is in tact, so we have a really good filter for any energy that comes our way. From attacking comments, curse words to electromagnetic frequencies, we can shield ourselves from negative energies and harmful frequencies by doing the super easy exercises in the video below.

I LOVE showing people the effects of these with muscle testing. I can ask a client to hold up their arm, as I press on it, and ask them to resist my pressure. If they can do it well, I then simply say the words “fuck you” without any particular feeling. When I re-test their arm, they are weak with less pressure. The words “fuck you” have a negative vibration or frequency and cause a stress response to someone whose field is vulnerable.

After doing a zip up and auric weaving, the same words, said with more anger, have no affect, and the client’s arm remains strong. My clients are always amazed by this exercise. They can feel a difference in the way those negative words feel different before and after they do this exercise.

Doing these daily, you might find yourself less reactive to normally jarring events, have more energy when around people who usually drain you and feel more calm overall throughout your day, as a generalized irritation can result from just being around WIFI and lots of cell phones. After doing these exercises, you may find your body naturally take a deep breathe and an exhale.

The Zip Up strengthens your Central Meridian in the Chinese Meridian System, and creates a healthy energetic boundary between you and the world, while Auric Weaving helps to close holes in and strengthen your energetic protective field. I know it may sound woo woo, but your auric field does exist, and even if you don’t believe me, try these exercises, and see if you don’t feel a difference. It’s your only barrier between your precious self and the world.

In the Real Housewives of NJ episode this week, there is a lot of upset and conflict. We see Dina trying to ‘fix’ and console, and yet she ends up in tears, as she is feeling everyone else’s pain. In this week’s After Party Terri explains how people who are highly sensitive, like Dina, need to protect themselves with good boundaries and she is gifting all of you a little video and blog post that explains how to create healthy personal boundaries in your life. While, I am giving you these exercises to help you protect yourself from negative energy and frequencies.

If you haven’t already, check out the free call on how to Flip Your Script on Fear I LOVE how Terri breaks it down here!

Oh! And, a heart felt THANK YOU! to all of you who wrote in with your feedback for workshops! I will be sending an email this week with more details, but based on your feedback, I am going to do 2 full days of boot camp style, non-stop clearing workshop on getting in touch with your passions and removing any beliefs which are in the way of you living them daily! What we love to do taps us into our soul’s power, so we will spend a day unblocking what’s keeping us from accessing that and manifesting situations which support us doing what we love, AND getting paid for it!!!!!!!!

[box type=”shadow”]The workshops will be on Oct 11 and Nov 1, 2014 and you can sign up for the Manifesting Workshop here – there is a nice discount for early registration and signing up with a friend. [/box]

I had such fun and got such great feedback from my Love and Money workshop attendees, I hope you will come join the party!

Some of the feedback from the post workshop questionnaires:

“Lara, wowsers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was amazing yesterday – major shifts baked in and just realizing today how much shift occurred!”

“Words escape me other than I am full of gratitude to have you in my life design.”

I live to see you guys feel good and get what you want!!!!!!! Does my heart good:)

Much love, protection and energy!



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