Got Faith?


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Got Faith?

Fall is on its way in. Its getting colder; I was upstate this weekend feeling the effects of fall with 40 degree weather in the am and pm. It’s the first time I have been cold this season; looks like shorts weather may be over:( Boo hoo!

It’s natural to feel a sense of loss with the end of warm weather and the loss of daylight. It’s sad to see it dark by 7pm, when it was still light up until 9pm just a short month ago.

This seasonal transition can teach us how to let go, effectively grieve and harness the power of faith. In the Chinese Meridian System, this season is associated with the Metal Element. And, it relates to the lungs and large intestine meridians. The emotions associated with the lungs are grief and inspiration. The emotions associated with the large intestine are letting go and taking in.

With synchronicity, in this week’s episode of Real Housewives of NJ, my friend and client Dina Manzo is forced to deal with the loss of Luke, as he moves back to Ireland. Also this week, in real time, Lexi moved into her college dorm, which is another significant life change for her mother, Dina. Both situations are a great example of how change often brings loss and requires faith to help us adapt to our new situations. Watch this week’s After Party with Dina, Terri Cole and myself.

So, how well do you handle change?

My buddy and amazing psychotherapist/coach, Terri, is giving you access to her free live call:

Flip the Script on FEAR & Become Unstoppable

Tuesday September 16th

8pm EST

Even if you can’t make and the recording of the call will be emailed to you the next day! Terri is also gifting you a Downloaded Blueprint exercise on Change & Adaptability, so you can see how well you handle fear & change.

Below is a great exercise to help you tap into faith during times of change and loss. With just the seasonal changes upon us, it’s a good time to let go of anything that no longer serves us with ease and grace. As the leaves die and fall off the trees, my video will help you release doubt, so you can move forward with amazing grace.

Being aware of the emotional challenges of this season, releasing your doubts and taping into your faith with this exercise can help you transition with ease and keep your lungs and large intestines healthy. So, if you find your respiratory system struggling or constipation set in, look at what may no longer serve you, let it go, and have faith, you are OK, as you move through any grief or sadness.

A new, fresh experience awaits you!


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