Don’t Get Mad and Blame Me When I Pull a You on You!



Don’t Get Mad When I Pull a You on You!

Terri Cole, Lara Riggio, Dina ManzoThis week’s episode of The Real Housewives of NJ is filled with drama, and it sparked a great conversation about what is REALLY happening when someone pisses us off, LOL! Check out my chat with Dina Manzo and Terri Cole on our After Party page.

It’s OK to Feel Frustrated, Pissed and Mad; these emotions are a sign that something isn’t working for us. Any upset is access to making ourselves happier, if we are willing to look at just why this situation has got us so upset.

When you find yourself pointing a finger at someone else, look at the three pointing back at yourself. Think about it, if you accuse or blame someone else for something which upsets you, are you more or less likely to get them to provide you with what you want or need?

So before you respond, release any frustration, anger or hurt, then think about what you really want in thus situation or relationship, and ask for it with love and kindness. In my experience, it’s the pathway of least resistance to getting what you want. Then, fill out Terri’s blueprint to discover what this upset may be pointing out about you that you are ready to change, so you won’t be so reactive to these types of situations in the future.

To let go of upsetting feelings, use the crossed posture, instructions below, first, then upgrade to the Tapping For Stubborn Stress Relief Video below, if you need something stronger.

cross posture

Try saying this phrase as you sit in this position. The posture will calm your central nervous system, as you think about what you want, and say,
“Even though I feel upset, I am willing to let it go to have peace of mind now.”

If the emotion is so intense that this isn’t working, try this longer tapping video.
Tapping for Stubborn Stress

After releasing the emotion, write down what you really want.

I REALLY want _____________________________________.

Then, think about how you can ask for it with love, which may mean setting a boundary. See the examples below.

[box type=”shadow”]Think about how you would say “no” if a child where asking you the same question.


  • I love you dearly and totally understand your point; I need to choose something different right now.
  • I think you make an excellent point. I just can’t do that at this time.

Repeat the same line over and over with love. Continue to be understanding and accepting of the other person’s prerogative, as you are clear about what you will or will not do. This will make everyone happier in the long run, ans isn’t that what we all want anyway? Don’t Get Mad; use these tools and Get What You Want![/box]

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It is going to be full day of clearing subconscious beliefs which could be in your way of having Love and Money in NYC!

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