A Solution to The Back to School Blues


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A Solution to The Back to School Blues

Summer has officially come to an end:(

Labor Day has passed; our days are dramatically getting shorter, and all of the kids are back in school. If you have the Back to School Blues, there’s a good reason: We are transitioning again.

This time of year, Indian Summer, is associated with the Earth Element in the Chinese Healing System.

The Chinese associate the power of “decrease” with late summer and, at the same time, refer to it as a period of abundance. From a farming perspective this makes a lot of sense, right? While the length of our days is decreasing, we are reaping the bounty of an abundant summer’s harvest.

Physically and spiritually, this period of late summer is a time for slowing down, gathering our resources and looking inward. It is a time when we recognize and hold the fruits of our labor.

And, I would like to emphasize the “hold” part of this, as when we are out of balance from an Earth Element perspective, we have trouble “holding” our accomplishments or feeling confident about our abilities and our achievements.

If you have found yourself thinking or saying any of these types of statements, you might have some struggle getting back to work or school and making this transition from Summer to Indian Summer:

  • “There is never enough of…”
  • “I just can’t handle this right now.”
  • “I wish he or she could just stand on his or her own two feet.”
  • “It feels like the ground just got pulled out from under me.”
  • “I wish I could find that thing that satisfies me.”
  • “No thank you, I can do it myself.”
  • “Why do I have to take care of everyone else?”
  • “What about me?”

Don’t worry, if you are feeling any of these, it is THE PERFECT time of year to upgrade them! From a spiritual perspective, Earth element grants us the ability to internalize the mother/earth figure by helping us to learn how to nourish and to care for ourselves. Although our mothers did the best they could, in a lot of cases, we didn’t get what we needed to feel totally secure in the world and to “hold” our value.

The cool thing is that if we are aware of this, and what we need, we can now mother ourselves, give ourselves what we need and begin to “hold” confidence in who we are.

So, first get present to what you need that you are not getting in your life?

This goes really well with our last Vision Board assignments, as I challenged you to “live into your board” by doing some things last weekend that gave you similar feelings to the ones you would have, as your vision comes true.

This weekend, I got back into working out, and I spent time in nature every day. These are 2 of my needs that not only make me feel as if I am “living my vision” but also make me feel really good!In my Believe Boot Camp Program, we have made lists of what we need and how much of it we need to feel the feelings associated with having what we want. And, my Believe Boot Campers have been reporting fun and vision board, fabulous events occurring in their lives! Just today, I got an email from one of my BBCampers who got an unexpected check for $1200 in the mail from a previous job after envisioning more $ in her life and living her board, feeling the feelings of having more cash! Yippppeee! This stuff works!

This not only helps you manifest what you want, as The Law of Attraction works with feelings not words, but it also completely elevates your life!

Other needs on your list might include-

  • Affection- how many hugs do you need a week?
  • Friendship-how much socializing with friends to you need, and what does that look like?
  • Alone time/puttering time- how much time do you need each day to putter or just be alone. Just 5 minutes can make a huge difference!

Making just a few of these things happen for yourself can help erase those beliefs above and help you make a much easier transition back to school or to work this year.

Taking the time to meet your needs is a way of valuing yourself, and when we value ourselves, we feel valuable!

You are such a gift! And, there is so much joy and love here for you, just grab some for yourself!

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