How to get the most out of your last week of summer!


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Get the most out of your last week of summer!

This is super fun AND easy!

If you have done your Vision Board, look at it and see how it makes you feel?

If you haven’t done your Vision Board, simply think about how you would feel if a dream or vision of yours came true?

Come on, quick, just give me three adjectives!!!!!!

Now, what can you do this weekend that makes you feel the same way???

Here’s my vision board:


This weekend, I am planning on being by water, because it makes me feel expansive, inspired and peaceful. I also plan to go bike riding, which is my favorite sport, because it makes me feel free. And, I will do a little bit of work, as I sit by the water, as that makes me feel like I can have it all, a healthy balance of work and play.

So how about you? How can you LIVE into your Vision this weekend!

It’s so easy,and this is the secret to harnessing the Law of Attraction. It doesn’t work with words; it works with FEELINGS, so figure out how you would feel, and do some things this weekend, which elicit those same feelings.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work with words; it works with FEELINGS

You might just pleasantly surprise yourself!

AND, if you are planing to go to Soul Camp, and you haven’t signed up yet, get on it! They are having a last minute rush, and spaces are going quick. You can get $100 off if you use this coupon: enter the code SOULFULSUMMER when you register!

Soul Camp

I am so excited for what I know is going to be the wellness event of the season! Soul Camp 2014 is a 3-day, 3-night adult sleepaway camp for the soul where we’ll be able to immerse ourselves in everything mind/body/spirit. This includes an inspiring and empowering Soul-versation speaker series, a range of activities to choose from everyday such as yoga, meditation, astrology & angel card readings, boating at the waterfront, nature walks, Buti aerobics classes, breath work, intenSati, organic farming, arts & crafts and soo much more!

$100 off! Enter the code SOULFULSUMMER when you Register

It’s going to be an amazing experience. Can’t wait to see you all there!!!!! Check out this video with Michelle telling us all about the fun stuff that is happening there!

Happy, happy, joy, joy,


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