It’s a Sign!


It's a Sign!

It’s a Sign!

I told my Intro to Believe Boot Camp Class on Saturday: “If you ONLY GET THIS ONE POINT, you will have gotten your time and money’s worth out of this class— When you get upset, anxious, frustrated, annoyed, angry, sad or feel anything else other uncomfortable, it is an opportunity to grow and become a more powerful person. It’s actually a sign that you are capable and ready to expand some part of yourself.”

Even when the world deals you a random, upsetting circumstance that really feels unfair, if your life is not in immediate danger, it is beneficial on both a physical and energetic level to stop; take a few deep breathes, (maybe do the Easiest Stress Relief posture if you have time) and send the conscious signal to your central nervous system that you are OK, that there is no lion chasing you, and no gun to your head right now.  When we consciously release a fight or flight response we:

  • Conserve Energy. It takes a lot more energy to be in fight or flight. Ever realize how much more exhausted you are when you are under stress?
  • Think More Clearly. When we are in a sympathetic stressed state our cognitive problem solving abilities are diminished by the sheer fact that there is less blood flow to the brain. When we are in flight or flight, blood rushes from the brain to the limbs to power your fight or flight.

From a Law of Attraction standpoint (the idea that like is drawn to like), releasing your stress response helps attract better circumstances and possibilities.

Ever notice how people like to trauma share?  There is an energetic attraction to match another’s energy frequency, so when someone is telling a story about something negative that happened, we often feel drawn to connect to them with a story of a similar energy or feeling. Like attracts like, but in this case, both people may leave their meeting feeling more down.

Being more aware of what brings you upset or stress and getting in the habit of releasing that upset via breathing or my suggested exercises will help you make choices about what you say or do and keep you feeling better, thinking clearer and attracting better opportunities and outcomes.

So, if you can only remember one thing from me, please remember, next time you are upset, to stop and breathe or do my stress relief posture, pictured below.

Cross Posture

Upset of all kinds is a sign you are ready to expand and grow some part of yourself. Clear the upset, then see what is possible!

It’s a lot easier to make choices about what to say or do next when we are calm.

Much love and abundance!

P.S. My Believe Boot Camp Program starts Monday June 16th, so contact me ASAP if you wanted to do it with us! I can’t wait to share my new tools for helping you release the emotional blocks to having what you want. Email me at to get involved!

And, if you are not sure what you want in your life, my friend and awesome coach, Suparna Bhasin, creator of She Creates Change, is doing a webinar TOMORROW Tuesday June 10th at 12:30pm called Dream It, Do ItI spent some time yesterday with her community, and she is a master at helping women figure out what they want! Click here to register and find out more information!


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