Wowed by essential oils yet again! Amazing stories to share!



OMG! The essential oils I have been using are truly the fastest, most effective way I have found yet to physically release uncomfortable feelings that block us from being our best. I have been joking saying, “They work faster then drugs!” But, its not a joke; its really true!

When I am able to muscle test and find the particular emotion in the essential oils handbook which addresses my client’s specific issue, the results, in the form of emotional and physical relief, are amazing, even to me who does this stuff everyday!

I am so psyched to be able to teach you guys about this, as using these oils is actually A LOT EASIER then teaching you the entire Energy Medicine System I use with my clients, and the benefits profound!

I have come up with an easy, systematic way to teach you how to use muscle testing and the essential oils book I use to assess what emotion is key to releasing the emotional stress associated with a situation or to a physical ailment. And, the oil, with the chakra clearing protocol I have created, makes it really easy to get these results for yourself, your friends or your clients. I am getting energetic results with this oil/ chakra protocol, which used to take twice as long to achieve holding meridian points, and because its one simple protocol, its easy to learn and to teach, so I can now empower you to duplicate it yourself!

Having these tools has just been amazing for me. I have been taking 5-10 minutes daily to test for the priority emotion, and clear it with the oils, and have cleared headaches, fatigue and anxiety for myself so far this week! So thankful for these tools, and sooooooo psyched to share them with you all!

Here are 2 success stories with the oils:

Dina Manzo about how we used the oils to help her with nausea this weekend.

Michelle Goldblum about conquering an old patterns.

Also check out my previous blog where I give you an exercise on how to conquer overwhelm AND create more abundance in your live–

And, for generalized anxiety, you can do the same protocol in the abundance video, just substitute these words and this phrase for the ones in the video-

Use the Joy Oil if you have it; just do the protocol without the oil if you don’t have it;)



Peace Be Still

Try it even if you don’t have the oil; the protocol is pretty powerful even without it!

Sooooo— Come see how this works on CHOOSE ONE OF THESE DATES:
Monday, May 5 from 7-9:30pm

Wednesday, May 21 7-9:30pm

Saturday  June 7 from 10-12:30pm.

At these classes, I will be showing you how to use a new worksheet to pinpoint what emotions are stopping you from taking action on what you want, and how to release negative feelings with the oils which are associated with financial freedom, success, self acceptance and love.

You will get to experience the power of these oils and how to use them first hand. And, with the price of admission, you will receive a travel pack of the 3 oils we will be using in the class, so you can repeat the process on your own.

The investment for this 2-hour, life changing experience complete with worksheet and video resources, so you can duplicate what you learn after the class is just $64.95. (Value- $99.87) AND, if you sign up today, and use the PROMO code: IloveTLT, you will get a preferred rate and all of this for just $29.97. (Value – $99.87) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to HURRY, I can ONLY TAKE a limited amount of people, and we’re already half full- so don’t wait, at this low price, it will totally sell out! Here’s how to register for BELIEVE BOOTCAMP!

1. Click the following link: 
2. Select your preferred date from the drop down menu
3. Enter quantity of tickets
4. click the blue link titled: “enter promotional code” then type in ILOVETLT and hit Apply
5. Click the green button, “Order Now”

Click Here for More Info About the Class:

I can’t wait to see you there!!

Much love and abundance !






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