How I let go of my anxiety and overwhelm with a new chakra/essential oil video!


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How I let go of my anxiety and overwhelm with a new chakra/ essential oil video!

Saturday, I woke up anxious with a headache. I was overwhelmed by all I had to get done before presenting at The Goddess on the Go Event yesterday. The sun was shining, I had tons of work to do and didn’t know quite where to begin; I was tired from the previous week, so I had a massive amount of resistance to doing what I had to do that day. Ever been there? Had so much do to and no energy and anxiety about doing it?

So, I got out my trusted Essential Oils book, and muscle tested what oil and clearing phrase I needed to get out of my own way, so I could get focused and get stuff done. I wound up testing weak for Abundance.

The other side of abundance is scarcity or lack, and I certainly felt as though I didn’t have enough time or energy to get everything done, so the test and book showed me exactly what I needed to make myself feel better.

As I have told you the oils work with your limbic system to actually change the way your brain processes stress. The same way smelling something familiar can bring back a memory and a feeling associated with another time, using these oils can help you physically change your response to a previously stressful thought, situation or state of being. Since I needed my state of being upgraded asap, I breathed in the oil, and did this quick chakra clearing exercise. Do it with me in the video I taped yesterday for you below. Five minutes after doing this exercise, I was relaxed, anxiety gone, headache lessened, and ready to start to get to work. It was amazing. The results of using these oils always wow me!

So, check out the video, you can do it with or without the oil, and still get a great result. I would think about an area in your life where you feel there is some lack before you do it to get the greatest effect. So, focus on any feelings of having a lack of time, money, energy.

I did this clearing with the oil with all of the attendees at the event yesterday, and this super quick protocol helped the 3 women who volunteered to work with me in the front of the room test strong for and feel confident about having more money than they thought was possible, and 40 of the women there loved the work so much they registered for my upcoming Believe Boot Camp Classes.

I am so excited about these classes because with the price of admission you will get 3 travel sized oils and learn how to use them all to clear resistance to having financial abundance, love and confidence in yourself! These oils have helped me and so many of my clients; I just can’t wait to share this technology with you!   Just think about it, if you could let go of fear or emotional resistance daily with just the sniff of an oil, what could stop you from taking the actions to get what you want? Is there something you want which you don’t have yet? This class will help you!  You CAN have anything you want if you believe it is possible, and this is where the class and this work can help you BELIEVE what you want IS possible, so you can raise your vibration to the level of having it and attract it!

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. – Albert Einstein

Here’s How You can Become Unstoppable… Come have a hands-on experience of how this all works. Join me for: BELIEVE BOOTCAMP, an interactive experience, which helps you FEEL

  • How The Law of Attraction works and how it will work for you.
  • Proven exercises and techniques That will help YOU yourself at home AFTER class
  • How your subconscious works and why it might be stopping you from manifesting what you want.
  • Techniques of how you can physically release fear or any upsetting emotion in minutes with simple exercises you can use in your life immediately.
  • How any upsetting, distressing event in your life can be the door to give you access to what you want.
  • Feeling supported by a group of women with similar beliefs, goals and dreams.

You will leave this class with

  • A new sense of what is possible when I get out of my own way (Value- priceless)
  • An interactive class which guides you through how to change negative beliefs into positive ones, complete with a worksheet, so you can duplicate the process on your own!  (Value- $64.95)
  • Exercises to help you release all kinds of stress, so you can train your brain and condition your nervous system to have the life you want!  A digital Download of Lara’s entire Stress Relief Video which includes easy exercises for stress relief of all kinds including relief from frustration, overwhelm, anger, insomnia, PMS stress, anxiety, and depression, 14 videos in all! (Value- $9.97)
  • BONUS: A travel set of Lara’s three favorite essential oils, so you can clear fear and get grounded in your greatness in seconds anywhere! They work faster then drugs!  (Value-$24.95)

The investment for this 2-hour, life changing experience complete with worksheet and video resources, so you can duplicate what you learn after the class is just $64.95. (Value- $99.87) AND, if you sign up today, and use the PROMO code: IloveTLT, you will get a preferred rate and all of this for just $29.97. (Value – $99.87) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to HURRY, I can ONLY TAKE a limited amount of people, and we’re already half full- so don’t wait, at this low price, it will totally sell out! Here’s how to register for BELIEVE BOOTCAMP!

There Are 3 Opportunities to Choose From: All classes are from are 2 ½ Hours: Mon- May 5 – 7-9:30pm; Wed- May 21– 7-9:30pm; Sat- June 7– 10am-12:30pm

1. Click the following link:
2. Select your preferred date from the drop down menu
3. Enter quantity of tickets
4. click the blue link titled: “enter promotional code” then type in ILOVETLT and hit Apply
5. Click the green button, “Order Now”

I can’t wait to see you there!!

Much Love & Grounding, Lara


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