Get ready to be stretched! Stay grounded.



Get ready to be stretched!

This past week, I caught the flu 🙁  For those of you who know me, I rarely get sick, and the sudden and ferocious onset of this flu blindsided me, and little miss positivity fell into a depression. Down the black hole I went! Luckily I had a call scheduled with my psychic and had my trusted essential oils to help me get through this!

I am always skeptical of psychics – even my own, and even though she has been dead-on about a lot of things in my life.  So when she started telling me how this sickness was not just a physical sickness but also a spiritual cleansing, I was like, “Right, whatever.” It still sucked to be sick.

Then a healer friend worked on me and said the same thing; both of them asked me if I was doing something new with my business and told me that this sickness was cleansing me, prepping me for this next phase. And that it was going to help me as a practitioner and a teacher be more effective and touch more people. Was I expanding my teaching and going to be doing more work through more mentoring programs?  Was I going to be speaking to larger groups of people? Without any information from me and independent of the other, both of them asked the same thing – and they were both dead on in their questioning.  I am expanding my manifesting class into more of a mentoring program and speaking at Goddess on The Go this weekend! Amazing!

So, with a larger purpose having been presented, I mustered up the energy to test myself for which essential oils I could use to help me get over this hump. I tested weak for Liberation with the phrase, “I am willing to change,” and the alarm point for infection!

Using the essential oil put my mind and stress about being sick at ease, and gave me more energy. Its amazing how effective they are and just how quickly they work! I am consistently blown away by them!  So amazing how the testing with oils is so right on, it always tell me what I need.

Then, I turned to my astrology friend’s site and found that last week was a major time of change for my sign: “and this week on April 23rd, four powerful planets assemble into a Grand Cardinal Cross- a rare four-way-tug-of-war that challenges us to make choices and changes. When it’s time to transform, resistance is futile. And that’s the case this week, folks, as the planets remind us that the only thing constant is change.

A quartet of hotheaded planets – Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Uranus – will marshal themselves into an exact square formation that day, a four way tug of war in the skies. This rare alignment stretches us to our limits and forces us to re-balance the load. A shift is inevitable this week and, for many of us, a major one. Instead of digging in our heels and insisting that things remain ‘as they have always been’ the best method for sailing through unscathed is to be both rooted and flexible, like leaves of grass blowing in the wind.”

Well, I believe I have already started whatever major growth process they are talking about with my past sickness.

So to help you stay grounded and flexible through this intense time of change, I am suggesting 2 really simple exercises:

#1  A great way to ground your self is to simply stomp of your feet on the floor. Do it like 10-20xs and you will feel a nice little tingle in your feet when you stop. Then stand there, and think of your feet rooting into the ground like a tree for 3 seconds.

#2  Be aware of upset as you feel it this week, knowing it can be access to learning more about how you are changing this week. So, if something goes wrong, and it pisses you off or upsets you, stop, and use My Easiest Stress Relief Posture to release the negative feelings about it, so you can zoom out and see what you could be learning from this situation.

If you need something stronger, try Tapping for Stubborn Stress:

And, if you would like to hear more about how to use essential oils, I am going to be using them in my talk this weekend at Goddess on the Go!  It should be an incredibly fun day. Goddess on the Go is an amazing day filled with love and sisterhood, so if you could use a pick-me-up after being stretched this week, come join!

Email us at if you want to go to Goddess On The Go!  Lara has discounted tickets:  $50 off!  First come, first serve.

If you would like to hear more about the program I will be starting in June, come to the intro in which you will get a taste of all you will learn, and leave knowing how to test to see what’s driving your upset and how to use essential oils to clear it like I do everyday!

Much love and grounding,


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