The Easiest Way To Stay In Action on Your Resolution.


What inspires you??

The Easiest Way To Stay In Action on Your Resolution.
The answer is doing what you want.

The first question I ask all of my clients is-
What do you want?

So much suffering comes from doing things we don’t want to do. And, when we do things we don’t want to do, it actually lowers our energy and can over time even affect our health, as the release of stress hormones over long periods of time can tax our immune system.

With our world moving so fast, sometimes it’s hard to even figure out what we want. And, sometimes, although we may know what we want, if we don’t know how to make it happen right now, we give up on it.

For example, say you want to lose weight. It’s not going to happen instantly, so how can you do it, and give yourself other things you want, too? Is there a form of exercise you love?  If not, do you enjoy being outside? Would it be a treat to get to the park and walk or run? Is there a favorite show you can download to your phone and watch while you do cardio? I developed my Radiance fitness class by combining all the things I loved: amazing empowering music, energy work, dance, weight training, and positive thinking, and I am spoiled because it’s really the only way I want to work out now. I know I feel so much better mentally and physically after I do it, so it’s easy to do. So, how can you enjoy working out, because if you aren’t enjoying it, you aren’t going to do it. The no pain, no gain philosophy is not healthy physically or emotionally. Stress causes cortizol production, which actually chemically thwarts our weight loss goals. So, how can we enjoy exercise and release endorphines while we work out?

Changing careers is really no different. The big question people come in with is, How will I do this? And, the key is doing some part of what you love about the career into which you would like to transition every day. For example, you work in sales and you would like to transition into doing something in the art world. How often can you talk about your passion with people you know? Sometimes opportunities come out of those conversations. Can you make it a point to visit a gallery a week? Just being around what you love will help to inspire you and raise your energy, and this is how you make it possible for like energy to be attracted to you. This is how you manifest opportunities you may not have seen before!

You may be surprised by what you manifest.
It really is this easy. Think about it. Most change doesn’t happen overnight, and if it did most of us would be freaked out and in fight or flight from the abrupt change. So, thank goodness it happens slowly.

So whether it’s working out or changing careers, just simply ask yourself these questions-

What fills your heart with joy?
What inspires you?
What makes you feel connected?
Can you do just one thing today makes you feel this way?

Because that one thing raises your energy, if you do it again and again, you are raising your vibration to be equal to what you want, and attracting it!

Even if you don’t believe this is true, you will have more fun and most likely meet other people who are interested in the same things, and be in conversation about it. And who knows what comes next!?

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Let’s beautify our booties together!

And, don’t forget, there is a FREE manifesting class introduction on Monday, January 20th, next week from 8-930pm, please email to reserve a space.

Onward and upward!


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