How Expectations Kill Miracles and Keep You From Getting What You Really Want!


Don't let expectations stand in the way of your miracles!

How Expectations Kill Miracles and Keep You From Getting What You Really Want!

Had an amazing session with a client this week which proves this point. It was pretty cool. Click the video below to hear the whole story!

Sometimes what we think we want is based on our past beliefs of what is possible, and those past beliefs may have come from our parents or from our understanding of what was possible at another time.

Think about it, just five years ago, a lot of things were different. Technology has now made it possible to go to school virtually, so people can take classes and get degrees from anywhere! And, the internet has made different kinds of jobs accessible to more people, giving us so many more options on how we can best design a career we love. Just read Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Work Week if you want more ideas about this.

I believe the sky is pretty much the limit. We can manifest what we dream up and believe to be possible, but there in lies the rub. We have to believe it is possible in order to attract it.

What we found out this week was that my client had some past beliefs about how a career as an attorney looked and what having that career would allow her to have in her life. In order for her to feel good about what she really wanted now, we needed to clear a space for that upgraded possibility with some energy brain training, so she could start manifesting now! It was pretty cool!

We really manifest what we want, and she had already built an income doing something she loved, but she wasn’t considering it as a viable lifestyle choice, because it didn’t fit her expectations from the past! Check out the video; it’s quite a story!

If you want to get in touch with what you really want and start vibrating with it, a great way to do that is a Vision Board. Creating a Vision Board with images versus words is a great way to surface subconscious thoughts, and decipher what it is we actually want. There’s more on this in the vlog, too.

And, I am having a FREE Introduction to my Dream Support Class TONIGHT, 1/20, from 8-930pm at my studio in NY if you would like to get some support and do your board with a group, decipher it and let go of any negative beliefs which are stopping you from having what you illustrate on your board.

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