Three Ways to Make Taking Action On Your Resolutions Easy!


Make Your Resolutions Come True!

Three Ways to Make Taking Action On Your Resolutions Easy!
Stress Relief and Strategies to Make it Happen with Ease.

Yesterday I woke up anxious and found myself worrying about how I was going to get everything on my list of things to do accomplished and orchestrate a day of shopping in the city with my family.  I was convinced I had no time to go to church with my fiance, which is something that usually calms and inspires me. My fiance reminded me of this and told me I REALLY needed to go today, and said, Why don’t you do some of your stuff?

It’s so great, he often reminds me to walk my talk when I get in my own way, lol.

So, while walking Chulo and getting ready for the day, I started repeating:

I get everything done with ease.
My day moves with extreme ease.

Then, I asked my aunt and fiance for some help in coordinating the day and said a prayer to the angels to help too. We went to church, I DID indeed feel relaxed and renewed afterward, and I miraculously got everything accomplished yesterday! And, miraculously we found the right and perfect things we needed AND got a last minute appointment somewhere we had been told was booked! We happened to be 2 blocks away, so I called again and they took us in right away! It always amazes me when things like this work out. And, I know the day could have gone quite differently if I hadn’t changed my attitude.

So, if you haven’t made your lists for 2014 yet, check out my last two blogs, Energetic Strategies to Make Your Dreams Come True! Part One and Part Two, as they will make it much easier to figure out what you would like this year from a confident mindset.

Then, for whatever on your list feels tough, see if you can:

1. Use the phrases from above, which I learned from Louise Hay. She says little affirmations like these all day, and I tell you, they really work! And, you can give them more power by repeating them in your head in the crossed posture, picture below.

Cross posture










As most of you know, I do this exercise on trains and in taxis, wherever I can to get some stress relief and more ease going.

I love these phrases, too!

My day flows with ease.
I take pleasure in getting this accomplished.
I have plenty of time.
I have plenty of energy.
Its all happening in perfect timing.

2. Think about who could help you with what you want to do. Just talking to a friend about how to make what you want to do happen can give you some ideas on how to make it work. If you are having trouble eating better or getting to the gym, invite a friend to join you. Asking someone to join or help gets your desire into action!

3. Take the time to give yourself what you need to feel inspired. For me, yesterday it was church, but for you it may be yoga class, meditation, reading one of your favorite books, or listening to some favorite music. Whatever fills you up will help give you the inspiration and confidence to propel you into action. A little inspiration can go a long way!

Doing any one of these three easy things will get you started in a pretty gentle way. I was pleasantly surprised by how just doing these things yesterday transformed a stressful morning into a fun and productive day!

If you are interested in more strategies and support like this, I have my free introduction to my manifesting class on Jan 20th from 8-930pm. Here’s what one of my members of the Dream Support Class had to say about her experience:

Lara’s class is, to put it simply, life changing. If I had to make a complete list of all the things that it helped manifest, I would still be writing by tomorrow morning… I’ve never felt so supported and loved, and encouraged to “put myself out there”! Lara, and our class, helped me dive deep into my own being, so that I could finally meet my real self.
 – Adele Jancovici
    Founder/Director,  Le Livre Art Publishing

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Much love, fun and ease,


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