Proof That Dreams Come True!



Proof That Dreams Come True!

I was pleasantly surprised to get inspired during my usually tedious visit to the nail salon. A quote from Lady Gaga in the December issue of Glamour magazine pulled me in. It was something like-


“Just 5 years ago, I was still a waitress.”


Then, I read an article by Madonna where she tells her story in the October issue of Harpers Bazaar.  She has created a life and an iconic career by daring to be herself and consistently doing what she believed in, despite hardship or public opinion.


Then, I opened up Elle Magazine and saw a great article on a client who has created an amazing online business supporting art she loves!  I remember when she was first talking about this project 2 years ago, and she has made her dream a successful reality!


Then, I see someone from my class has had her first gallery showing last week, and I remember how we worked through her fears about sharing her paintings with the world in my manifesting class less then 1 year ago.


THEN, I remember a quote from TUT, notes from the Universe that went something like this-


A year from now we will be sitting around a fire reminiscing and giggling about how we were worried that what we wanted wouldn’t happen.

Isn’t it amazing how far we have come?


As we work toward making our dreams happen (one action at a time, one change in mindset at a time, deleting our old negative thoughts and believing it’s possible to have what we want), it’s really helpful to stay inspired and have faith that we can make our dreams a reality.  So, please check out the articles above, and join me on Thursday at this Create Your Dream Year event ! My good friends Patricia Moreno and Terri Cole are hosting Create Your Dream Year, with 6 amazing panelists (Michele Promaulayko, Gabrielle Bernstein, Meggan Watterson, Kate Northrup, Alisa Vitti, & Alex Jamieson) who will be a great source of inspiration for your dreams!  Each person that you will hear from at this event has turned challenge into triumph and will be sharing their personal story so that you can see that it is possible for you too!


50% of the profits will be donated to Tammi’s liver fund.  Terri’s sister recently had a liver transplant and Terri is committed to helping her sister completely recover and your participation in this event will be a gift to Tammi as well as her family.  All of the panelists are donating their time and expertise for this good cause as well.


So, come get inspired and celebrate in the spirit of giving this holiday season!


Lady Gaga was a waitress just 5 years ago. Where would you like your next 5 years to lead you?


Gotta dream it to be it.


Much love and fantastic dreaming,




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