Special and Meaningful Gifts for under $20, $30 and $50 you can order online now!



Special and Meaningful Gifts for under $20, $30 and $50 you can order online now!


When the dog bites,

When the bee sings,

When I’m feeling sad.

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad!


All the links are here ready to make your holiday shopping easy with Special and Meaningful Gifts for under $20, $30 and $50!  I was doing my online ordering of some things I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, because they have filled my life with joy, and I felt compelled to share these great memorable gifts with you!

Everything on this list has brought a smile to my face or brought happiness and joy to my life in some way, and I hope you enjoy these and giving them as much as I do! The newer additions are first on the list, and I couldn’t leave out my oldie, but unforgettable favorites!


#1 Gift Under $20- HIC Brands that Cook Aerolatte Milk Frother with Travel Case

This frother whips your average milk, coconut milk, even almond milk into a FABULOUS, SPECIAL TREAT!  Perfect for making cappuccino, or just frothy almond milk with stevia and cinnamon on top. Yummy and delicious for this time of year!






 #2 Gift Under $20- “Angels in My Hair” by Lorna Byrne

You can give your friends or family the True Gift of learning about and getting to know their angels.  For those non-believers who think this is woo woo: I can only tell you that I am not a big reader, and I felt compelled to read this book– and couldn’t put it down!

It is about Lorna’s life growing up in Ireland, seeing angels. Because of her gift, she acted a little different. Her parents and family thought she had an intellectual disability; just imagine how she might have seemed as a baby, seeing lots of things that no one else did.  She was almost sent away to an institution a few times! But despite a pretty rough life – being misunderstood, poor and having a sickly husband – she has managed to live a full and rich life. She now speaks about angels all over the world, and is well respected as a healer.

After reading the book on my vacation this summer, I noticed some cool things: The day I got back to work in the studio, I was pretty tired but very calm, and my sessions went amazingly well. I was actually surprised by how “on” I felt, considering that I had just gotten home. The second day, I was telling one of my clients about the book, and she started to get teary-eyed. She said, “Did you feel that?” After this same thing happened a few more times (and I was getting chills and teary-eyed too), I understood- without questioning- that it was the angels letting us know they were there.

Hopefully, I haven’t lost you. I know all of this can sound weird, but I can only tell you that I have had the same physical and emotional reaction when talking about the book many times now. I feel a chill up my back as if a breeze came by, and I get touched by love. When I have asked the angels for help, I have gotten taxi cabs when there were none, love and peace when I was stressed, and help from unexpected people when I needed it.

I am now reading her second book, A Message of Hope from the Angels, and feeling more of the same benefits.  Reading it has recently helped me get to sleep after a stressful experience, and it actually kept me from fainting after getting nervous and queasy after a botched blood taking experience at the doctor’s office.  I am not good with that stuff, and asking the angels to help me calm down got me to relax and feel myself again. It’s pretty amazing! You can get both books for under $25. Feel free to print and share my blog about this with whoever is the beneficiary of this special gift.


#3 Gift Under $30-Girl2b Note Cards


You can give this Special gift that keeps giving and not only wow the beneficiary of your gift with these really beautifully designed note cards, but also know you are helping a girl in India’s dream of being a working artist come true. I was asked to speak at The Girl2B Event in NYC a couple weeks ago, and I was touched and inspired by these young women who are changing what it means to be a woman in their country.

Through the empowerment of education, Girl2B Foundation works to give every young girl a chance to reach her full potential, freeing her from the unfair cycle of poverty, and making her an agent of change. Please see this blog on Girl2b’s site; it’s a letter from one of the young girls in their school about standing up for women’s rights.  It would be a great thing to print and give with your special gift, so your friends or family understand the significance.

photoThis gift contains Rumpa’s original art on letter press stationary.  They are beautiful, printed 4.5″ x 6.25″ note cards, in one color on soft white, double-ply paper. Cards are paired with teal colored envelopes, and packaged with a Girl2B logo kraft belly band.  Each set contains 4 cards.  One each of a swan, lotus, bird and butterfly, and is shipped with the story of the artist.

Please email to place an order: info@girl2b.org


4) Gift Under $30-  Casina Rossa Truffle and Salt by Nicola

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE TRUFFLE SALT, because it improves the taste of EVERYTHING! It makes veggies unbelievable! The least expensive brand is my favorite, because it is so fine.
 Truffle salt gives you the same wonderful flavor of truffles, AND it doesn’t lose it’s flavor over time like the oil, because it’s preserved in salt. It makes eating healthy oh so much more fabulous. My favorite, most loved salad recipe is below! This might be something you give to yourself!


Throw pre-washed organic spinach into a bowl with chopped celery, chives and red cabbage. Sauté pine nuts in olive oil and add while hot to bowl with olive oil, truffle salt, and the juice from half a lemon.


5) Gift Under $50-  glassybaby Candle Holders and Vases

I fell in love with glassybaby Candle Holders. Lee Rhodes was named entrepreneur of the year by Entrepreneur Magazine, the first woman to hold the title! 
And, she has donated over 1 million dollars to cancer patients since the start of the company. I am obsessed with these little candle holders, as they light the room in such a magnificent way. The room and my mood are different when they are lit beside me. They are truly magical.






6 ) Gift Under $30- Frasier Fir Candle by Thymes

This candle smells like a big Christmas tree! It just smells like the holidays! I get one for myself every year!









7) Gifts Under $20- davidji’s Guided Meditation CD and Terri Cole’s Meditation Transformation CD

I love both of these people and their meditation CDs! They give a practical spin to meditation and spirituality and have really good short meditations, which are great for quick train or car rides. I find my day goes better when I get present as it’s happening!




8) Gift Under $30- “Feng Shui Revealed” by RD Chin

RD Chin is the Feng Shui Master who gave me the blueprint for the energy and color design of my studio. I get comments all the time of how homey and serene it feels in this space. Thanks RD! If you want to give someone the gift of surrounding themselves with positive energy, this is an amazing book!

You can see an interview with RD about the design of my studio space here.



9) Gift Under $20- Lara’s Energy Makeover DVD

Every day, I help myself and my clients feel better and have more energy by tapping into Eastern healing technology—in a way that works with our Western lifestyles. Get amazing results—from weight loss to health recovery! The exercises on this DVD have helped me recover from chronic fatigue syndrome and food sensitivities. They’ve helped my clients with insomnia sleep better, muscular aches and pains feel better, high levels of emotional stress stay calm, lack of energy feel enlivened without a chemical stimulant, and those with weight loss issues curb cravings and stay motivated. In just 15 minutes a day, you can boost your overall energy and decrease your body’s reaction to stress. Available on my website on DVD or digitally. I do this program daily, not sure how I would live without it!


10) Gift Under $20-  “Energy Medicine for Women” by Donna Eden

Thank goodness for this book. Donna Eden is the gifted healer with whom I studied, and she gives simple exercises and solutions for women’s issues in this book. I use these exercises all the time with my clients and myself. They are oh so effective! This is a book, I can’t live without!









For New Yorkers-

11) GIFT Certificate for Under $30-$50 – 20, 30 or 40 minute chakra healing session-

My entire life has changed since my trip to see John of God in Brazil last year. All I had asked to change in my life has come true, so having a John of God crystal bed in my studio felt so right.
The crystals clean and balance your 7 Chakras and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! I have had 2 clients who were having trouble sleeping sleep peacefully through the night after doing a session on the bed. Sessions are only 25 dollars, and a great way to treat a friend or yourself to a bit of peace.

Email us at info@thelaratouch.com about gift certificates of any value.

See my blog about my experience to John of God here for my background on this awesome gift!


12) Give the true joy of fitness, yes joy and fitness go together here! Radiant Circuit Class at The Lara Touch

I am so excited to share this with you! My Radiance Class is more than a fitness class; it’s a soul, mind and spirit shifter! It combines emotional freedom energy exercises, core strengthening, circuit strength training, dance, yoga and goal visualization meditation. The class actually trains your central nervous system to react differently to emotional stress and programs your subconscious mind to think more positively about your body. Free your mind, and your body follows. It’s magical how thinking fit, gets you fit faster! You would need to live in NYC to benefit from this one, but if you are here, giving the gift of loving yourself through your workout is life altering.

Email us at info@thelaratouch.com about gift certificates of any value.


Happy Holidays!


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