Make This Winter Your Wonderland!



I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  As the cold weather and shorter, darker days of winter are here, thank goodness we have the holidays to look forward to!  The holidays give us a great excuse to be merry, to socialize frequently, and to avoid the darkness and loneliness that winter can bring.

But what if we could surrender to the powers of winter, and get the most out of what this season has to teach us?

We can benefit most from winter by rolling with it versus fighting it. As it’s cold outside and darker earlier, it’s a perfect opportunity to take the time to stay in, to recharge and replenish our reserves.

From an emotional perspective, can you take this time to listen to what your heart and soul are telling you?

Can you stop and think about what you want without judging it?

Can you listen to what others have to say to you?

Is there anyone in your life who has told you something that makes sense about what you want to do next?


Winter is an excellent time to go inward and record what we are thinking and feeling. It’s a great time to keep a thought journal or a vision board, to allow yourself to think and dream without analyzing, or thinking about how anything will manifest. Can you simply use this time to wonder? Can you simply be curious about what inspires you, without pressuring yourself to make anything happen?


Can you make this winter your wonderland


Part of my manifesting class this next series will be focused on doing just this, free association journaling and vision boarding.  The free intro for the class is tonight from 8-9:30pm at the studio in NYC.  All are welcome, but reservations are required, so email us at if you would like to be included on our guest list.


More details about the ongoing class can be found here.


The dates of this next series are Mondays 8-9:30pm, Dec 9, 16 and Jan 6 and 13.  It’s a great way to get focused on what you want to manifest next year!


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Also, There is an exciting event happening on 12/12 to which you are invited! My friends Terri Cole and Patricia Moreno have put together an amazing event to help you get inspired to Live Your Dream Year in 2014, Yippppeeee!


See info here!


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