Special Eden Energy Medicine Clinic Classes with Marjorie Fein in Midtown Manhattan!



Special Eden Energy Medicine Clinic Classes with Marjorie Fein in Midtown Manhattan!

I am so excited to announce that Marjorie Fein will be leading a clinic class in my studio in midtown. My favorite and most valuable Eden Energy Medicine Classes were the Clinical Practicum Classes, where I got to watch experienced practitioners do sessions, and explain why they were doing what they were doing for that particular client’s needs.  It taught me to use the Eden techniques in new ways, to mix and match different protocols and to find my own flow by watching my teachers work.  My confidence with EEM and the amount of clients I was seeing increased as a result.  My business has grown, and I opened a Zen Fitness and Wellness studio in midtown Manhattan that I am excited to say is becoming more of an energy medicine center!


I am thrilled to welcome Marjorie Fein, a founding faculty member of the Eden Energy Certification Program (And one of my favorite EEM teachers) to the studio to teach this practical study class next year!


Marjorie is going to be choosing a volunteer with whom she can do a quick client intake, take us through a full session, addressing that client’s needs step by step, and explaining why she has chosen each correction in the session. There will be a short break, then time to practice whatever we learned with each other. On request, students can bring in a volunteer client to be the demo for the session.


There will be 8-9 classes over the next year on Saturdays from 930am-1pm. Here are the dates for the first 4 classes:



Sat, Jan 25

Sat, Feb 15

Sat, March 29

Sat, April 26


This three and a half hour class packed with

  •      The practical session demo,
  •      Questions and Answers segment
  •      Practice time with Marjorie standing by with hands on help
  •      AND, study notes with a recap of the session sent via email the next day


The investment for all this practical knowledge and expertise is just $95 for 1 session, and $295 for all 4 sessions, a savings of  $85!


We are keeping the class small with a maximum of 12 participants, and it’s first come, first serve.


To sign up, please select class option below, and pay through PayPal!

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Marjorie Fein has been a senior faculty member of the Donna Eden Certification Program since its inception in 2005. She was a contributing designer of the Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner.


Hailing from New York City, Marjorie has enjoyed a successful full-time practice in energy medicine and therapeutic massage for over 12 years, and is highly skilled in other energetic modalities such as EFT, Psych-K, Aromatherapy and Reiki. She is a gifted teacher who imparts her extensive knowledge with clarity and humor.



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