How a Simple Conversation with Yourself is Access to Greater Happiness Now.


How a Simple Conversation with Yourself is Access to Greater Happiness Now – The Lara Touch

How a Simple Conversation with Yourself is Access to Greater Happiness Now:

What I learned this weekend from Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks-
“You always have the potential to feel better than you ever have.”

Even on Monday morning, LOL! Even when you are feeling down in the dumps.

Any negative emotion is simply the contrast between where you are and what you want. Allowing negative thoughts to simply be a signal allows for a change in mindset and action which can get you moving in a direction which is in better alignment with what you want.

Here’s how Abraham suggests we do it-

“What is the best feeling thought you can think right now?

What statements feel good to you as you make them?

I know I am upset right now, but I also know I create my own reality, and I am getting better at it.

I love the idea of creating my own reality and I like that I am getting better at it.

(By just stopping and having this conversation, you are getting better at it!)

I like the idea of sorting these ideas.

I like being in charge of my focus.

I like the exhilaration of controlling my own mind.

I like being in this world where there are so many choices to choose from.

I like feeling the invincibility of my own mind.

I like watching myself light up from thinking about the things I want!

This feels good to me.

I feel new and easier about where I am thinking this way.”

I feel better already! How about you?

Much love,

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Yoga was….yoga is….yoga will always be….
Big…..small…cute…barking…wagging…..licking…sniffing….humping dogs
Stretch me into their dimension
Dolphins and whales move me graciously through time and space
Warriors fight against me and myself
Sages watch me questioning them
And gods and goddesses intimidate my height for the first time…
After my practice
I have no connection of who I am and will become
I am radiating….breathing…feeling….and connecting with what is.
I love yoga……”
– Anonymous


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