What’s to LOVE about Life!


What’s to LOVE about Life!

Monday inspiration!


This blog is inspired by my Manifesting Class’s homework assignment to write in 3 things they love about their lives daily.

It has been such a joy to do and to read these! So, I thought I would share them!
As you feel the feelings associated with things you love, you vibrate at a higher energetic level and can more easily attract what you want.

Check these out, they are super fun; I am like “me too” for many of them!

Just think about what you love about your life, and see how it makes you feel!

There is so much to love!

I love clean sheets
I love Sunday brunch
I love taking long showers and not being in a rush
I LOVE the long line and friendly people at Trader Joe’s on Sundays 🙂
I love my greenssss
I love lazy Sunday nights to reflect on my week
I love the amazing access to film events in NYC
I love my new little tiny night light, so that I can read while my husband sleeps undisturbed 🙂 (finally!)
I love the NYTimes Art section.
I’m thankful for taking my bootie to the gym last night and getting in a great sprint. I feel so good when I’m listening to my favorite tunes and having a dance party on the treadmill
I love traveling to new places!
I love challenging myself and doing well!
I love Seattle in the rain!
I love that I’m getting more clarity with my business and see progress being made
I LOVE sparkling water! It is like my new favorite thing ever!
I LOVE chocolate chip cookies and I ate one like I was royalty earlier and it felt amazing!
I love music, and especially how it can wake me up or get me feeling excited, happy, nostalgic, relaxed, or… I can’t think of anything else that has that power!
I love potatoes!
I love Paris!
I love my puppy
I love Central Park

How about you?

What do you love about your life?

Share with us in the comments or on Facebook!

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