How Feng Shui Works!


How Feng Shui Works!


So many people have commented on how homey the studio feels. Many have asked if I live there, LOL!

The Feng Shui process made the design of the space faster, and way easier. looking at the before and after pictures is really amazing.

Check out these video interviews with RD Chin my Feng Shui consultant and Paris Kostopoulos, my designer, to see just how the project got realized from the first Feng Shui consult in a demolished, pretty raw space to the finishing touches being put in place to give the space that extra special charm that makes people feel at home. See why we chose the colors and materials we did by watching videos below:




And you can find out more about your element and how to support yourself with Feng Shui on Sat, Oct 5th!

I am so excited to announce a chance for you to learn your element type and ways to support yourself with specific exercises AND Feng Shui design!

RD Chin and I will be doing a joint workshop on Your Element and How To Support It with Feng Shui on October 5th from 930am-6pm at the studio!

In this workshop, you will:

-Take a quiz to determine your most dominant and deficient elements

-Learn the colors and activities to support your specific Element

-Learn exercises and do a short energy exercise routine to balance and support your elements

– Learn just what Feng Shui is from a true master who is an expert suggesting simple, realistic and innovative solutions for creating for balancing the energy in your home or office.

-Get solutions for your specific element which promote harmony, balance, good health and prosperity

-Use actual case studies to teach you how to apply feng shui principles for your home or business.

-Help you determine Chi colors and materials which best support your personal element.

You will receive:

-a handout detailing the properties of all the Elements including pictures of the balancing exercises you will be learning in class!

-a video link to the energy exercise routine we do in the workshop, so you can balance your body when you need it.

This full day workshop packed with information, exercises and tools to help you balance your body and your life via Energy Medicine and Feng Shui is yours for the investment of just 197.00 dollars.

Please click the link below to reserve your spot in this amazing workshop!
Your Element and How To Support It with Feng Shui

For more information, email  We look forward to seeing you on October 5th!

If you’d like to see more of RD or Paris’s amazing work, please visit their websites:


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