Wanna know your Element? Feng Shui: Specific stress relief and energy for your type!


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Wanna know your Element?  Specific stress relief and energy for your type!

The Element Cycle is a part of The Chinese Medicine.

Knowing which Element is most dominant in your personality can help you determine specific healing exercises to balance your body, mind and emotions when your system is stressed.

For example, I am predominantly Wood. So, when stress strikes, I have a tendency to behave in a very Wood way-

I immediately think about what I can DO, how I can be pro-active in the current situation. I make quick decisions on what to do and get assertive about doing them.

Woods are the ultimate doers, which can be productive, and overwhelming, frustrating and angering when action is not needed or when one really needs to simply rest to heal.

Having practiced Energy Medicine for years, and knowing I am an often overactive Wood personality, I find great relief in sedating my Gall Bladder Meridian. When I sedate GB, I feel as though I can exhale, relax and allow situations to take their course, other people to come in and help, or simply calm my feelings of overwhelm, so I can rest, sleep or make a priority list and decide what to delegate.

I also know I am most deficient in both the Metal Element and the Water Element. And, as a result, I have focused on hiring metal elements to help me do the things in my business that I find challenging on a daily basis like preparing my accounting, and organizing my papers. Metal Elements are the great alchemizers. They give things a structure and an order, something my Wood often needs to do before I act and waste a lot of time. I chose Metal colors as decorations in my last bedroom instinctively in an attempt to help balance my Wood.

They are also ever present in the main entrance and desk area of my studio.

RD Chin, my Feng Shui expert helped me use the principles of The Chinese Element Cycle to create a design for my studio which supported the proper flow of Chi or energy in the space to support the work that was being done there.

We specifically chose to make my ceiling in my office blue to help support the over-all balance of the studio and to support my Wood with more Water. Water promotes creativity and philosophical and intuitive thinking. Being surrounded by water helps fuel those qualities as I work.

RD just consulted on my apt as well, and even my very sceptical fiance felt a huge difference in the way our apt felt post Feng Shui changes.

I am so excited to announce a chance for you to learn your element type and ways to support yourself with specific exercises AND Feng Shui design!

RD Chin and I will be doing a joint workshop on Your Element and How To Support It with Feng Shui on October 5th from 930am-6pm at the studio!

In this workshop, you will:

-Take a quiz to determine your most dominant and deficient elements

-Learn the colors and activities to support your specific Element

-Learn exercises and do a short energy exercise routine to balance and support your elements

– Learn just what Feng Shui is from a true master who is an expert suggesting simple, realistic and innovative solutions for creating for balancing the energy in your home or office.

-Get solutions for your specific element which promote harmony, balance, good health and prosperity

-Use actual case studies to teach you how to apply feng shui principles for your home or business.

-Help you determine Chi colors and materials which best support your personal element.

You will receive:

-a handout detailing the properties of all the Elements including pictures of the balancing exercises you will be learning in class!

-a video link to the energy exercise routine we do in the workshop, so you can balance your body when you need it.

This full day workshop packed with information, exercises and tools to help you balance your body and your life via Energy Medicine and Feng Shui is yours for the investment of just 197.00 dollars.

Please click the link below to reserve your spot in this amazing workshop!
Your Element and How To Support It with Feng Shui

For more information, please email info@thelaratouch.com.  We look forward to seeing you on October 5th!


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