Dreams really do come true!


Watercolors by Kathy Colangeli

Dreams really do come true!
(Read a true story of how following one’s bliss and doing the stress relief exercises as you go, creates success!)

I always say, upset is access to your dreams coming true. What I mean is, if things were perfect, and you were happy with every area of your life, there would be no reason, no impetus to grow.

I am so excited to share an inspiring success story from a member of my manifesting class!

Several months ago, Kathy came to class wanting more fulfillment out of her work. And, when I asked her what she REALLY enjoyed doing, she told us about her LOVE of painting. When she told the class that people were interested in buying her art and she wouldn’t sell it, we all questioned, “Why not?”

Kathy: When I found painting, I found peace and calmness, and the journey made me happy.  If I had a painting I liked, I felt proud, not a feeling I generally associated with work. The more I painted, the better I got, and the more I loved it.

When people at first expressed an interest in buying Kathy’s paintings, she didn’t want to sell them, as she felt they were too amateur, not good enough to be sold.

Kathy: When I thought my paintings were good, I wanted to keep them. I was doing this for me. I finally found the personal satisfaction I was looking for. This made it hard for me to part with them. I wasn’t looking to be an artist. I just loved painting. When I sold prints at the auction two years in a row to people I didn’t know, I finally believed people liked my art, but I still didn’t want to let my paintings go. But through doing the exercises in Lara’s manifesting class, I was able to get comfortable with taking little steps, and I am proud to announce my first website went live on Thursday!

My “gallery” was open 4 hours, and I sold my first original. I posted on Facebook how awesome it was, and I got another order for an original! I sold 2 prints the next morning! I am beyond excited. Our dream class truly helps to manifest when you consistently do the clearing work!”

Go to kathycolangeli.com or check out Watercolors by Kathy Colangeli on Facebook to see this dream come true!

In class, we determined what negative beliefs were keeping Kathy from sharing her art with the world and potentially providing a blissful way for her to make money. Doing the emotional freedom exercises in class and on her own, she was able to get over the anxiety she had about her work being good enough and the fear and procrastination about taking next steps, while the class cheered her on. We are all sooooo excited to see how her love for painting is manifesting!
What a great example of how –

#1 If you follow your bliss, you will not only make yourself happy, but probably also grow emotionally and spiritually, and maybe even create a new source of income! LOL! When you do something that makes your heart sing, you vibrate at a higher energetic frequency and attract experiences at a like frequency. This is how you harness The Law of Attraction!

#2 Once you figure out what makes your heart sing, just do it. Make yourself happy without expectations. Just allow yourself the time and space to experience your joy without pressure. Pressure brings your vibration down, so just give yourself permission to enjoy it, because you will not only have more fun, but you will also be more efficiently practicing The Law of Attraction.

#3 Use the exercises at the bottom of this blog to release resistance, negativity, and fear about doing what you love, as I said at the beginning- Upset is access to fulfilling your dreams. So, clear the upset with the exercises below, and enjoy doing something you love!

Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight at the Intro to my Manifesting Class.
If you are interested and didn’t contact us or can’t make it, shoot us an email at info@thelaratouch.com, and we will give you more info.

Much love and bliss,
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