My sweet Chulo just can’t help himself… Reactions & Stress Relief



My sweet Chulo just can’t help himself…

He has an innate obsession with squirrels. If he smells or sees one, despite all my training attempts, he can’t help himself, he starts barking uncontrollably and trying desperately to get to it. It truly is a physical, biological reaction; if I see the squirrel first, I can bend down, tap him, and calm his excitement, tame his response and distract him enough to move on without such a fuss. But, if he sees it first, forget it; he is unable to control himself.

I find my reaction to stress to be much the same way.  If I am mindful of what I am feeling as stressful situations come up and take the time to do my energy exercises for stress relief daily, I can control my negative emotions, so they don’t get the best of me and keep me from being productive.

However, if I am too busy that I am not mindful, and I don’t do my energy work to clear my stress, its harder to stay calm and carry on, because my physical, biological reactions to stress get the best of me just like Chulo, LOL.

So, as I challenge myself to stay ahead of Chulo’s reactions to squirrels and my reactions to my stress triggers, I invite you to do the same, because its really pretty easy, and the pay off is well worth the little bit of time and effort it takes!

When my alarm goes off, I press snooze, get into The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise posture, still in bed, and start repeating one of these phrases-

“I have plenty of time.”

“I have plenty of money.”

“I have plenty of love.”

I find that these 3 phrases cover most of my stressors.

I also repeat these anytime I am in transit during my day as well, in taxi cabs, on the subway, even walking to the restroom in between clients!

Its really miraculous how just spending 1-2 minutes throughout my day has the effect of expanding time, attracting unexpected sources of money and promoting a general sense of happiness.

I must admit, I have gotten out of this good habit this summer, and as we start the new school year, I am re-committing to it as part of my routine, as it IS one of the things that has been a major support to me in my life.

I started doing this daily when I began my manifesting class, which I started teaching, so I would be accountable for doing this work.

With the support of these exercises and the commitment to the group to do them daily, I attracted my future husband, and opened my dream studio!

So, please try these phrases and exercises! And if you would like more support and you are in NYC, I am having a free introduction to my manifesting class Monday, September 16th at the studio. Space is limited, so email us to RSVP at

Much love, success and energy!



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