Ready to transition? Indian Summer and personal growth…


Indian Summer

Ready to transition?
A new way to look at the start of the school year.

Summer is over, and we are transitioning into fall via an Indian summer. In the Chinese Element System, Summer correlates with the Fire element, which represents joy, passion, love, laughter and growth. Indian Summer correlates with the Earth Element, and it represents nourishment, digestion, and nurturing. Late summer is the short time before the fall when there is a transition from the heat and warmth to the chills of the fall.

Indian Summer is the transition point between the yang expansion of spring and summer to the inward yin of fall and winter.  It is the pause between the in-breath and the out-breath at the change of the seasons. September is also the end of the 3rd quarter of our year, and a great time to pause and look at just how we have expanded in this year, and think about what we might want to continue to do, and what habits we might want to put to rest before the end of the year. Indian Summer is the perfect time to re-focus on what we want, as Earth Element helps us to focus the mind so that we may achieve our goals and realize our dreams. So, while you might feel the urge to rev up for the start of a new school year, I invite you to take a pause instead.

Looking back on this last year, what has nourished your body, mind heart or spirit?
What or who has helped you to grow and expand?

In the next few weeks, if you can focus on participating in things that have been nourishing to your personal growth in those ways, or hang out with people who have helped you push your growing edge, it will help you get closer to achieving what you want before the end of this year. When we experience what nourishes us, it raises our energetic vibration, and when we raise our energetic vibration, it’s easier to attract more of what we want.

So, what nourishes you to grow?
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For me, it’s my manifesting class and the people in it!
If you are in NYC, you are invited to attend a free intro to the class on Sept 16 from 8-930pm at the studio. Please RSVP by emailing


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