How Discipline Creates Ease and Stress Relief


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How Discipline Creates Ease.

Discipline as stress relief? Really!?!

Yup! Think about it; it takes discipline (definition: an activity or experience which provides mental or physical training) to create a new habit or behavior, yes?

I remember the discipline it took to go to ballet and do the same exercises over and over again. Looking back, doing them created an ease of movement that made it easy for me to pick up new choreography when I was dancing professionally.

Tutoring a friend who is taking the Eden Energy Medicine Certification program, I recently saw how far I have come, and how having the discipline to study and practice has gotten me to the point where so much of performing that technique now feels instinctual and second nature to me, definitely way, way easier then when I was first learning it.

See, I believe discipline actually makes new tasks easier over time, as doing something over and over again programs a task into our subconscious, so we can do it by route.

Our conscious mind controls approximately 10 percent of our brain, while our subconscious mind controls the other 90 percent. Our subconscious is responsible for getting us from one place to another, while helping us avoid running into someone, falling or stepping into doggie poo, while our conscious mind is having a conversation with someone on the phone. When you get to your destination, you will be most likely to remember most of what you said on the phone, but you will most likely not remember the look you got after avoiding doggie poo and almost bumping into someone. LOL. We don’t remember consciously what our subconscious is doing.

Just think of how much of what we are doing and who we are being is controlled by a part of our mind for which we aren’t consciously accounting! Amazing right?

Discipline and repetition get conscious actions to be subconscious over time.

So, with the school year starting again in a week, and 2013 being half way over, what do you want to get disciplined about? Let me re-phrase, what would you like to make easier through repetition this year?

Maybe one of your resolutions from the beginning of the year?

Remember, its just a repetitive action that will make something that seems difficult get easier.

If you are wanting to live in greater abundance, maybe practice receiving, and saying, “Thank you.”

If you are wanting to lose weight, maybe practice walking rather then getting a taxi or take the stairs rather then the elevator?

If you are wanting a life partner, maybe practice smiling at people! I swear it gets easier the more you do it, LOL!

What are you doing to get what you want?
Are you being disciplined about doing things that are in alignment with having what you want?

We have half a year left to make those resolutions come true!

So what can you start doing every day to get what you want? Little actions make big gains when repeated! Pick something no matter how small. Just be a NIKE, and JUST DO IT!
Its getting easier and easier!

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Onward and Upward with greater ease,


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