Free LOVE here!


Milky Way

Free LOVE here!

Heard a great story yesterday.  A priest was on a retreat with some people in California and they had experienced great weather the entire trip. They went to a vantage point to see a meteor shower one night, and someone from the group was complaining about the overcast sky and clouds. The priest looked up and said, “Those aren’t clouds; that’s the Milky Way!”

Most people believe in the power of love, and yet we are afraid that the power of love won’t work for us. Being alone or lonely is a common fear. So, rather then thinking about what loving could do for you in your future, how about pondering what love could do for you right now?

What can you get right now for loving?

Stop, don’t even answer that question.
Just roll with this exercise-

Think about your favorite food, the one you love!

Think about your favorite place, the place you most love being!

Think about your most favorite person right now; who do you LOVE being with?

What is something you love about your home?

What is something you love about yourself?

Name something you LOVE doing!

How do you feel when you do it?

How do you feel now?

See, love begets love. Feeling love helps you attract more. The love we seek is closer then we think.

Are you seeing clouds or the Milky Way now?

This is an exercise I do in my Manifesting class, and people love it. I am doing a free Intro to the class from 8:00-9:30pm on September 16 for those of you who are interested. Email us at to reserve your spot today.

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