Relaxation and downtime are a necessary part of success.



Downtime is a necessary part of success.

Ever been really busy and then had trouble relaxing once things slowed down?

Got an email from a client who has been experiencing a new level of success in her career. Her life has been crazy busy up until last week, when things slowed down; and she got depressed and worried about what would happen next, since things were slower.

I have been guilty of the same anxiety, when my business periodically slows down for the holidays. I always dream for more time; but when it comes, I often have to clear anxiety before I can take advantage of my new found time.

So, as we are moving into the end of summer, I challenge you all to look at downtime in, possibly, a new way.

#1 There is value in taking time off to relax and rejuvenate.  Even God rested on the 7th day.  When your mind is occupied by other things, there is no space for new ideas, desires and dreams to become known. It is necessary to have open time and brain space to ponder and to wonder without pressure about what we want.

#2 Ever look back at how different events in your life worked in succession to create a goal or outcome? If I hadn’t taken time off to go see John of God in Brazil in August 2011, I never would have been open to dating my fiance, as he is super Catholic, and I reconnected to God through Catholic prayers that year in Brazil. Who knew my life partnership would be dependent upon what happened on a vacation?!

You never know who the Universe might bring to you or what future opportunities may be created by experiences you may have or relationships you may create in downtime. So, trust that everything is happening in the right and perfect way in the right and perfect time. When you give the Universe space to create, miracles can happen.

Approach any downtime in this way, and a year from now, you may be marveling about how this or that encounter or experience created something big in your life.

Getting present takes time; allow it to happen. Seek space and quiet moments to reflect.

Try saying this phrase to yourself in the crossed posture or as you go about your day-

“I relax into the present, and I allow the right and perfect thoughts and experiences to come my way.”

Much peace, relaxation and day dreaming!

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