How choice can get you closer to what you want and relieve stress now.


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Even when things look bleak, there is always choice. How choice can get you closer to what you want and relieve stress now.

Even when all seems lost, we always have a choice to focus on the negative and make it mean that our lives are a disaster – or we can look at what is happening as a way to change what we are thinking and doing, and grow.

Even in the most awful experiences, people have found strength and courage in choosing the positive over the negative.

Please check out this absolutely amazing video of Jules Shell from Foundation Rwanda about a woman named Agathe:
Smile At The Man Who Did This To You: Stories of Hope From Rwanda
What an inspiring example!

I am bringing this up because someone in my Manifesting Circle Class was upset about being unable to find a job. And, she kept saying, “I am lost, I am lost. There is nothing out there for me.”  I totally understand feeling this way, Lord knows, I have certainly felt those emotions before, and I would like to invite you, like I did my class, to see that those feelings are just a sign that the way you are doing something is not giving you what you want. So, the first thing I always ask is, “What do you want?” Or if you are not sure, “What do you love doing?”

If you can focus on what you want or what you love, and how you would feel if you got what you wanted or were doing what you loved, you can start attracting opportunities that are in alignment with what you really desire. It’s miraculous how this happens.

I use this formula with myself and my clients all the time; it never fails, so if you are in upset about something, anything –

#1  What do you really want? And this really means putting aside all worry about how it is going to happen, then asking the question:  What do you want?

#2  How would you feel if you had what you wanted? See, if you can raise your vibration to the level of what you want, the Universe will bring you people and opportunities to help you get it. Please list 3-5 adjectives.

#3  Now, sit and close your eyes, and think about what you would be saying to yourself if you had what you wanted.

It’s so much easier to take action from a place of positivity and inspiration. I mean really, think about it: is it productive in any way to continue to believe you are lost and that there are no opportunities for you? If you believe there are no opportunities, there won’t be any, and besides that, in most cases, its just not true.

So try this exercise, definitely watch that inspiring video, and please know that you always have the choice to think something different. And, when you think something different, you open the space for possibilities to come into your life.

As Abraham Hicks says, ” There is so much love for you here.”

And there really is, even when you feel like you are lost and there isn’t.

Try these steps to get back to it!

With much love,


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