You Are Closer To Happiness Than You Think! Immediate Stress Relief!



You Are Closer To Happiness Than You Think!  Immediate Stress Relief!

If happiness was a snake, it likely would have already bitten you! It’s most likely closer then you think.

I watched a short documentary on Netflix this weekend called, “Happy.” The film showcased interviews with top researchers in the field of psychiatry and psychology who have been studying the factors that determine human happiness for years.

It seems happiness is the #1 desire of most people regardless of race, cultural or socioeconomic background. And, money plays less of a role than one would think.

From what I remember most –
The people who were determined happiest were the ones who had meaningful and frequent social connections with people in their communities. Actually, to put it better, they HAD communities to which they belonged and from which they received support.

Being in nature and appreciating its beauty was another happiness booster. And, performing acts of kindness for another human being was another way to promote happiness. It seems, giving to others gives us more happiness. The movie followed people from several different backgrounds, from the poorest rickshaw worker living happily with his family in a slum in India, to a former Texan debutant who suffered a horrible accident which changed her life.

I encourage you to watch it, as it really helped me put my life in perspective.

I woke up with anxiety yesterday about getting all I had to do accomplished, thought about the movie, took my puppy Chulo for a walk and stopped for breakfast in the park, which gave me the ease and joy I needed to accomplish the rest of my chores, to my pleasant surprise, with great ease. Starting with that walk in the park made all the difference.

Joy begets joy, happiness begets happiness, from A Law of Attraction standpoint. So, what can you do today that makes you happy and that fits the requirements from the movie?

Can you –

  • Call a friend or family member and just get connected to someone who loves you?
  • Take a walk in nature, in a park, by the water?
  • Do a random act of kindness? Buy the person behind you in line a cup of coffee? Just give smiles to people on the street as you walk by? Help someone who you see is struggling?

I know doing all of these things have helped me feel better and happy in the past, so just pick something and try it! Happiness could be just one of these action steps away. Happiness is something you actively engage in, so get to it; be a Nike, and just do it!

Pick up the phone, smile, or notice the sky now!


As Abrahan Hicks says, “There is so much love for you here.” Can you grab it? 

Much love and happiness,

Oh, and if you feel like you could use more community, you are welcome to check out my Dream Support Circle Class, which I am contemplating calling The Lara Touch Happiness Club, because we use emotional freedom energy techniques to clear resistance to being happy and getting what we want. And, part of the manifesting is having that whole group of positive women behind you and your dreams! Its so much easier to get what you want when you have a group of 8-10 women cheering you on!

Email us at if you would like to come tonight Monday July 29 8-930pm or Monday September 16th, same time at the NYC studio!


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