Angels Exist and Can Aid in Stress Relief.



What I learned about angels.
They exist and can alleviate stress.

So, while on vacation I read a book by Lorna Byrne called Angels In My Hair. It was an entertaining book; I didn’t want to put it down, and I have noticed some other very cool benefits from reading it.

It is about Lorna’s life growing up in Ireland seeing angels. Because of the way she acted as a child, her parents and family thought she had an intellectual disability; just imagine how she might have seemed as a baby, seeing lots of things that no one else did.  She was almost sent away to an institution a few times. But despite a pretty rough life – being misunderstood, poor and having a sickly husband – she managed to live a full and rich life. She now speaks about angels all over the world, and is well respected as a healer.

The day I got back into the studio to work after my vacation, I was pretty tired, but very calm and my sessions went amazingly well. I was actually surprise by how “on” I felt considering the fact that I had just gotten back. The second day, I was telling one of my clients about the book; she started to get teary eyed and said, “Did you feel that?” After this same thing happened a few more times, and I was getting chills and teary eyed too, I understood without questioning that it was the angels letting us know they were there.

Hopefully, I haven’t lost you. I know all of this can sound weird, but I can only tell you that I had the same physical and emotional reaction when talking about the book many times now. I feel a chill up my back as if a breeze came by, and I get touched by love.

I had this same feeling in a more intense way in Brazil when I went to see John of God 2 years ago; I describe it in this blog – The Unexpected Miracle That Occurred My First Trip To John of God in Brazil.

The point of telling you all this is to invite you to open your mind to the idea of angels as an aid for stress relief in your life. When I talk about them or the book, I feel a sense of love and peace come over me, and who couldn’t use more love and peace. When I have asked them for help, I have gotten taxi cabs when there were none, love and peace when I was stressed, help from unexpected people when I needed it.

So if this speaks to you, get the book. And in the meantime, ask the angels to show you they are with you in some way, and ask them for help.  Try clearing this phrase while in the cross posture, as shown below:

There is so much love for me and with me now.

Cross posture


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