Clear your fear: Stress Relief Exercises to help you get what you want faster!



If u aren’t dealing with and clearing your fear, you are manifesting it! (Stress Relief Exercises to help you get what you want faster)

This thought comes to you, compliments of my Dream Support Class. I channeled this statement in the Monday class last week.

The Law of Attraction is fueled by energy, and feelings give thoughts greater energy. So, if you are thinking about an issue, and anxiety, uneasiness or fear come up, you are giving more energy and putting more attention on attracting that which you do not want. So, what I suggest you do when you feel anxiety is, first tell your body that, although you are anxious, your life is most likely NOT being threatened.

Most of our modern day stressors are not life threatening. When we feel stress, thankfully, there is generally no lion about to pounce on us, and no gun to our head. Even in the cases of cancer patients I see: someone can be diagnosed with a life threatening form of Cancer, and still survive. Kris Carr is an inspirational example of how a diagnosis doesn’t have to mean death. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer nearly a decade ago, and a movie, 6 books  and 10 years later, she is inspiring people everywhere to change their lifestyles and to live healthier by paying attention to what you are eating and thinking!

Even if you are diagnosed with cancer, if you were sitting in my office telling me about your dilemma, I would ask you to name the feeling you were feeling right now, and then I would ask you to turn around, and check out the room for lions, tigers and bears.

When we feel fear, our bodies go into a sympathetic nervous system reaction, and all systems prepare for fight or flight. Energy gets moved to the limbs and heart to power defense or escape.  If you have Cancer, even if you don’t, its much better to have your body’s energy used for health and healing, restoration and recovery.  So I teach my cancer patients, as I will you, how to calm anxiety with The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise and other stress relieving exercises. There are more available here: Stress Relief Exercises that Work Faster than a Pill!

Think about it: how does feeling stressed help anything? Switching from a stressed state to a parasympathetic, restive state takes practice. Like anything, its a skill that gets easier with repetition. So, every time you feel anxiety, uneasiness or fear, if you can release it with one of these exercises, you will start being less and less reactive to stressful situations, more successfully handle stressful issues and have an easier time getting what you want.

When you are stressed your brain just doesn’t function as well, so you have a lessened capacity to problem solve, be creative and take meaningful action. Think about it, what do you do when you are stressed?  What is your first impulse? To eat? To surf the web? Take a nap?

This whole conversation came up in my Dream Support Class, because someone in the class was having trouble feeling motivated to do much of anything because she was bummed she didn’t have what she wanted. When asked what she was focusing on, she told us about all the things she didn’t like in her life. Can you see how this really doesn’t help anything?

We clearly defined what she wanted, did some exercises to clear her fear about not having it, and gave her some action steps she felt inspired to do so she would be taking better steps to get what she wants.

So next time you feel stressed, clear your fight or flight reaction with one of the stress relief exercises, then ask yourself what you really want and start thinking about how cool it would be if you got what you wanted, then think of 1 small thing you can do to move you in the direction of getting it!

If you are interested in seeing how we do this in my classes I will be doing a special class at Goddess on The Go this weekend, Sunday July 21st! Its going to be a great day with several other great speakers:

Alisa Vitti
Integrative Health Coach, Functional Nutrition, Women’s Hormonal Health Specialist; author & creator of the Hormonal Sync System, a one-of-a-kind online learning and support program for women

Vanessa Codorniu
Urban Priestess, Intuitive Super Power Exploration for access during times of change

Betsy Karp
Certified Health and Wellness Counselor, chef, painter, writer & speaker; Colour Coach & founder of i adore me, transforming lives through color


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