Three Ways to Overcome Post Vacation Blues: De-stress Techniques for Monday



Three Ways to Overcome Post Vacation Blues: De-stress Techniques for Monday.

Ahhhh it’s the Monday after another holiday weekend. And, I just got back from an amazing break in Italy – Capri, Positano and Rome to be exact. Boy, do the Italians know how to live! I ate the freshest, most amazing food and sat on the most beautiful beaches, and the weather was impeccable! And now I am back in NYC, and it’s so hot I don’t want to leave my apartment, but I am marveling at how I am not depressed.

This is actually the first vacation I have taken in my life, where I didn’t get depressed upon arriving home.  I think this time is different because, although I have some anxiety about accomplishing all that is in process in my work life right now, I think I finally have done enough energy de-stress exercises frequently enough to know on some deep level, whatever happens, I will be OK.

The worst part of any stress is the feeling associated with that stress, and all negative feelings can be cleared and released. So, as my anxiety came up about stuff I had to do when I got home, I cleared it with The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise  and these phrases-

” I let go of my anxiety and calmly make a list and take it one item at a time. ”

“I easily get started on my tasks.”

” I have plenty of time to get everything accomplished. ”

Another common post vacation stress is to think about all the things you don’t like about your life, or don’t have in your life, and spiral downward from there.

If this is you, a great way to counteract this is to think of all things you love about your life. Recognizing the simplest things like the love of a favorite food or a favorite piece of clothing can bring instant joy your way. Name 10 things you love about your life to ” flip your script” and bring that gratitude and love your way. I just love and am so grateful that I was able to take some time off.  I also love that I can come back to a business I love and a city I love!
How about you?

Another way to get over post vacation blues is to think about how you can incorporate some of what you loved about your trip into your every day life. I loved the fresh fish and the zucchini carpaccio in Italy, and have been bringing it into our kitchen since we have been back. I also love the way Italians don’t let little things bother them, and I am acting like an Italian and letting the small stuff go, since I am back. I also love that I got to go away as I mentioned and I am going to work on better work life balance as a result.

Taking time for self care and relaxation is important, so I am getting some help with that too- join me tonight for my friend and amazing psychotherapist and life coach, Terri Cole for a live, free call: “The Secrets to Success Simplified: How to Get It All Done (Without Undoing Yourself in the Process)” this  Monday (today!), July 8th, 9:00 p.m. ET | 6:00 p.m. PT. If you can’t make it, register anyway. You’ll be sent the recording the next morning!

Much love and energy to you all!



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