The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise!


The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise

The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise!

So many of you have asked for the video of how to relieve stress, and it is NOW HERE!

I realized from some feedback last week that many of you don’t know or get how the Easiest Stress Relief Exercise works, and so many of you have been asking for the video, so here’s the why and the how.

  • I believe any exercise works better when you know why you are doing it, so here are the PRACTICAL AND SCIENTIFIC benefits of this stress reliever.
  • This is an exercise you can do anywhere, which is great for relieving stress or anxiety on planes, in trains and in automobiles, IF YOU ARE NOT DRIVING! LOL!

This stress relief exercise works because the physical action of crossing both your arms and legs overrides a Sympathetic, Fight or Flight nervous system response. When you are in a Fight or Flight state, which occurs to a greater or lesser extent when you think any stressful thought, your body conserves energy to stand up and fight or get out of dodge, and you start functioning with primarily your most dominant brain side.  So, if you are primarily right brain dominant, you will default to mostly right brain usage during this Fight or Flight episode.

Maintaining this pose gets the brain to function bilaterally, OVER-RIDING the Sympathetic Nervous System response, and getting your body and brain into a restive state.

So by doing this stress reliever, you are training your brain with your body to be less stressed and more relaxed. So you can have more energy for what you want to be doing.

Doing this stress relief exercise throughout your day, can help you train your nervous system to be calm.

So check out the video link below, and try it!

And, for those of you who already use this stress reliever, please share this video with a friend, so they can get some relief too!

Wishing you more clam and ease,



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