Tapping for Stubborn Stress Relief with a Focus on Money!


Tapping for Stubborn Stress – The Lara Touch

Tapping for Stubborn Stress Relief with a Focus on Money!

Ahhhhh, it’s Monday again, and I am actually riding on a state of calm I found this weekend at, believe it or not, a seminar about business and money strategy.  I am pleasantly surprised by my reaction to a subject that in the past would have brought up stress and anxiety for me, as I was not born a numbers person and tend to be math challenged.
In this workshop Monica Shah gave really easy and clear strategies for managing money, and for the first time in my life, I found writing down my numbers on a spreadsheet to actually be empowering.
Shah says,
“Money loves clarity.”
“Money loves to be understood.”
And, I was amazed at just how much I enjoyed understanding it this time. This was in part because Monica Shah’s presentation was so good and part because I have been doing the stress relief exercises with a focus on money and abundance for a while now.

Our subconscious reactions to money come from our past and are formulated between the ages of 0-7. So, whatever our parents were saying about money, we picked up and most likely adopted unconsciously.
So, think about what those beliefs about money could be? What do you remember your parents saying about money? Was it positive or negative?
The cool thing is, if what you remember was negative, it can be released, so you can form beliefs about money that better support what you want.
It’s amazing!
Since these beliefs are pretty old; they are most likely stubborn, so here is a great video I did to relieve stubborn stress like this.

This Stress Relief for Stubborn Issues is perfect for clearing old money stress.

Think about what your old money beliefs could be, then try this video.


Tapping gives me great stress relief, and I do it often, so if you love this and want to have with you always, you can buy it for under 2 bucks and download it right to your phone!

Much love and money!

If you would like to purchase this or another video in this stress relief series, visit our product page.


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