How to Bring More Love Into Your Life


Monday Inspiration:

How to Bring More Love Into Your Life

My puppy Chulo met Lydia this weekend, and it was an instant attraction, love at first sight. She is fabulous, isn’t she? I have never seen a dog make such a fashion statement! She so knows who she is!

Do you?

One of the things I did that made me feel really good when I was single was to date myself. I picked a day, and took myself to all my favorite places, restaurants, etc, and I really enjoyed experiencing only things I wanted to wear, eat, drink or do for the entire day. I had an amazing time with myself. It felt great to treat myself to all the things I loved. The high I would get on those days would carry me through several days. And, I often found myself meeting cool people along my way, even a few to date, LOL!

How about planning a day to take yourself out on a “you” date?!

Or maybe just take a break today, and take yourself for your favorite lunch?

Doing things you love, increases your energetic vibration, and will help you attract more love! Treat yourself and then welcome the love in!

With much love always,


Stylish dog


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