How to Dress for What You Want


How to Dress for What you Want

Monday Inspiration

How to Dress for What you Want.

This weekend I did a closet clean out with my friend and super stylist, Holly Getty.
It was remarkable to me just how easily and quickly I was able to let go of some old, favorite pieces of clothing.
Holly and I would simply look at each other, shake our heads and say, “It’s not you anymore.”
And, it is so true. When I look back at just how much my life has changed in even the past year, I am amazed. And, the old skin in the form of clothing just no longer fits. The pleasant surprise was just how easy it was this time to let it go.

There was an email from The Universe, TUT, Mike Dooley which I just love that went something like this-

” Just think, 5 years from now, we will be sitting around one of our pools marveling at just how wonderfully successful we have been and laughing about the times that were tough and how we miraculously got through them. ”

Growth is a miracle. And, a great way to continue the miracle of growth is to look at just how far you have come and to choose what stuff fits your current, new self. It’s liberating to let go of the old stuff that no longer feels relevant to who you have become.

See if you can look around in your day today, and notice what feels like the current, new you, and what feels dated.

Focusing on your new style, look and attitude gets your energetic vibration more in alignment to what you want to attract in your life!

Like attracts like, so what style and attitude can you wear today that is most in alignment with the new you?

I choose light and fun!

How about you?!


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