Need a Little Mother Love?


Need a Little Mother Love? – The Lara Touch

Need a Little Mother Love?

Happy Monday after Mother’s Day.

I hope all you moms had a wonderful day yesterday.

When I think of the word mother, I get an image of a mom and a baby or a child, I see that mom holding, soothing, and taking care of her child. Part of growing up is learning how to comfort and sooth ourselves.

Life can often throw curve balls, and its totally natural to feel down sometimes, maybe just because it’s Monday, and the fun filled weekend is over. What can you do to mother, sooth and take care of yourself?

If you were a mother to yourself, what would you, could you say to yourself?

Cross Posture Energy Medicine – The Lara Touch

I like to do the crossed posture I am always talking about, as it physically calms down the central nervous system. I generally say something to the effect of,

” I relax into this moment.”

” I am at peace.”

” I let go of this upset, so I can attract more good.”

” I recognize, I am loved.”

It makes me feel better, and stops my impulse to comfort myself with food or something else less healthy.

A little mother love goes a long way. Why not give it to yourself?


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