Wanna Stop and Smell the Roses?


Stop and Smell the Roses

Wanna Stop and Smell the Roses?

Even though I was tired this morning, I woke up content, even happy. As I usually have to do some energy work to get over a Monday morning funk, I wondered why this Monday was different?
I realized I was grateful. My parents were in town this weekend, and we had a good time with my fiance’s family. It’s Spring! We took a beautiful walk in the park, and we ate great food!
I am simply focused on the good stuff instead of the stuff in my life that needs work. And, there is always stuff in my/our lives that needs to get done, but I guess, I let myself take a break to stop and to smell the roses this weekend, and their fragrance has stayed with me.

So, even though it’s Monday, and there may be pressure or funky feelings present, can you stop and smell the roses in your life?

What do you love about your life?
It could be your family and/or pet 🙂
It could be your favorite cup of tea or coffee 🙂
It could be anything big or small!

But, just thinking about what you love in your life for like 2 minutes can change so much.

Free your mind, and so much more is possible!

Much gratitude and love to you today,





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