Ready to Put Struggle Down and Set Yourself Free?


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Monday Morning Inspiration:

Ready to Put Struggle Down and Set Yourself Free?

Had a very cool session with a long time friend/ client 2 weeks ago in which I helped her emotionally prep for a big event.
It went great, and the following week, she wound up with a horrible migraine headache which lasted till she could get in to see me.

Her Triple Warmer meridian, the one that elicits a fight or flight response was completely overactive, meaning she was having a fear response. When we sedated Triple Warmer, the headache subsided, and she felt like herself again the next day.

I have found that when struggle is an expected feeling, especially when the things you struggle with mean a lot, it can be stressful when things go really well or feel easy, only because it’s different, because it’s change.

I had another client in the middle of a huge launch of a product line, that was going way better then expected, throw her back out.
Success can be new and scary for a central nervous system that isn’t used to it.

So, on this lovely Spring Monday ( it was 55 this morning in New York! 🙂 how can you put down any struggle? And by any, I mean any negative ideas that you might find frequenting your psyche, like,
” I never have enough time.”
” This is so hard.”
” I am never going to get ________.”

As my good friend, Terri Cole, amazing therapist, says, ” When you feel like you are swimming up stream, flip over and float.”

So, let’s flip these negatives to positives and use my favorite pose to help our central nervous systems get it.

Cross Posture Energy Medicine – The Lara Touch
Sit in the crossed posture and repeat-

” I let go of all my attachment to struggle, and welcome ease and success.”


“I have plenty of time to get everything accomplished.”

“As I let go of resistance, things get easier.”

Try it and let me know what happens!

I did this last week, and it really made life go much more smoothly!

To easy and fun success!



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