It’s OK to Feel Frustrated, it Takes Some Upset to Grow!


It's OK to Feel Frustrated; it Takes Some Upset to Grow – The Lara Touch

Monday Inspiration:
It’s OK to Feel Frustrated; it Takes Some Upset to Grow!

It’s Monday, and I would so rather it be Sunday, but it IS Spring!
It definitely feels more like Spring today!
The Sun is shining, at least in NYC, AND, it’s getting dark around 7pm now! I am so grateful for that!
The winter is over or almost over and it’s time for renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth!

In the Chinese Element System, Spring is associated with the Wood Element, and the emotions which are associated with that element are assertiveness or its flip side frustration. It takes some effort and energy for the roots of plants to push up through the earth and grow into the beauty they become.
Its takes frustration, maybe even an upset to make us want to change and grow.
Without upset or frustration, there would be no impetus to change anything in our lives. So upset is access! Throw some assertiveness in there, and you can start making what you want happen!
So, if you are feeling upset about something you don’t have, its just your psyche’s way of saying, ” We have to do something different to get what we now want. ”

Cross Posture Energy Medicine – The Lara Touch

So, try saying this phrase with the crossed posture in the picture. The posture will calm your central nervous system, as you think about what you still want, and say,
” Even though I feel upset, I know this feeling is access to change. And, I am ready, willing and able to see this situation as an opportunity to grow and get what I want.”
After doing that, this next step may be easier-

What small thing can you do today to take action toward what you want?
It can be as simple as-
If you want to be married, smiling at an attractive person on the street.
If you want to change careers, pondering the possibility of a new job by spending 15 minutes looking at job ads or courses you could take. Pick the easiest action you can think of just to get started.

Onward and upward!
Spring has sprung!
It’s time to push yourself up through the dirt and weeds to grow and blossom!

Free your mind, and so much more is possible!

Much love,

I am starting a new Dream Support Class tonight, and its totally booked, but if you are up to changing some big stuff in your life and would like some support, email us at and we will put you on the invite list for the next introduction.


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