Can You Get Present to How Far You Have Come and All That You Have Achieved?



Monday Inspiration!
Can You Get Present to How Far You Have Come and All That You Have Achieved?

I am not sure what was happening astrologically, but quite a few people in my sphere were experiencing upset this weekend. I actually went to my friends the Astrotwins site, to check out what was happening, because it seemed like an uncanny trend. I couldn’t find last week’s horoscope, as they are onto this week, but there is an eclipse happening this Thursday that could be interesting for quite a few of us!

Anyway, back to last week. I had the benefit of having my first assistant teacher for my Dream Support Class coach me last week when I was putting undue pressure on myself, and we came up with some phrases for me to work on with the crossed posture that helped me relax and see just how far I have come. It was so cool! ( If you are new to this blog, this pose calms your central nervous system, and as you do this pose and say phrases, you can get your psyche to accept them. See this blog for more info.)

Cross Posture Energy Medicine – The Lara Touch

It’s sooooo easy to get impatient. I was feeling the pressure of my desire to grow faster, and I became very present to just how much I have accomplished in just one year after working for 15 minutes with the phrases we created! It’s great to want more, because it keeps us growing, but in pausing to clear any upset about not having everything you want right now, you can get present to all the support there is for you, and begin to attract more.

The other option is to sit in your stress, but like attracts like, so why not try this, and see what comes next?

One of the people in my Dream Support Class, which is like my manifesting boot camp class, wrote in, ” I was just walking down the street and had a fleeting moment of ‘woe is me’ but then a newspaper on the ground caught my attention and I saw the article caption, ‘Stay the course’. Had to laugh and quickly went back to the positive grid.”

It’s a choice! What would you like to attract? More yucky pressure or unknown positivity from The Big U?

I know, sometimes, it feels soooo yucky, you don’t feel like you have any choice, so try this to help……..

Just think about what you have accomplished in the past year toward what you want.

Debbie Phillips, who created the Women on Fire Tea Parties I just love, wrote on Facebook on Sunday-

“Just realized this morning sitting in this very corner –15 years ago — I enjoyed tea with Holly Getty at Lady Mendl’s in NYC and it sparked what would become our fabulous Women on Fire teas!”

Since then, she has created Tea Parties in many states and united an incredible network of women, AND, the spark happened 15 years ago!

So, try thinking about what you have accomplished, see what you come up with and how you feel.

You can also try using the crossed posture with my phrases from last week.

AND, you can email me at to reserve your spot in my free Dream Support Class in NYC on Monday, 4/29 from 8-930pm if you are up for learning more about my manifesting bootcamp.

As you free your mind, anything is possible!

With much love,

Feel free to clear these phrases in the crossed posture-

“I release the pressure to have it all now, and I get present to my achievements.”

“I release my frustration and allow the Universe to support my success and my dreams.”

“I can make time for myself while building my business.”

“I stand in my power and allow people to meet me where I am.”



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